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I'm linking up with Nicole again for her PINspired monthly link-up!

I actually did several Pinterest-inspired projects over the past few months that I never got a chance to post, and here are a few of them:

See that fancy lettering for our gender reveal chalkboard?  I didn't do those free-hand, I used this chalkboard lettering tutorial.  Basically you print up the font you like, cover the back of the paper with chalk, and then place it on the chalkboard and trace it with a pencil.  Then it leaves an outline that you can color in!  I was skeptical, but it worked like a charm!

Ignore my headphones, I was in the middle of listening to a podcast when I remembered I needed a picture.
I made this knot headband using this tutorial - it was really easy, and I love the way it turned out!  I have plans to make more.  One thing I did differently though was that I sewed the ends together after I tied the knot - I didn't want to have to tie it under my hair every time, so I just fit it to my head and sewed it together.

I also made these Starbucks-inspired pumpkin cream cheese muffins, which I also posted about here.  And they were good.  I tried them again though and tried adding sugar and vanilla to the cream cheese (got the idea from a different recipe for Starbucks pumpkin muffins), and it was better, I thought. It softened up the cream cheese more and gave it a touch of sweetness, which tasted better for inside a muffin.
I think there were a few others, but I'll stop there.  Have you all done any Pinterest projects lately?

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P.S. Don't forget about our toddler food link-up next Tuesday!  Seriously, I need ideas, so be thinking about what you feed your kiddos and then link up a post!
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Katie said...

Love your headband! And I've been snapping photos of food so I'll be ready for next week! :)

CAC said...

The headband is lovely! Very cute!

Unknown said...

I'm so making that headband!

I just blogged about my first Pinterest project here -

So many amazing ideas I need to try!

Kate Craig said...

I made one of those headbands too, for Kylie, but I LOVE how thick yours is. I've also tried a version of the Starbucks muffins, and I didn't like the cream cheese in it. So I love the idea of making it sweeter!

Paula @ Beauty Through Imperfection said...

I'm impressed! I haven't done anything that cool from pinterest! lol :)

Melanie said...

LOVE the did an awesome job! I'm soo obsessed w/them..I wear one seriously you never see me without one (unless I'm asleep!)! I've been working on a Minnie Mouse inspired cozy coupe for Makayla and its sooooo close to being done! Can't wait to share pics with everyone next week (hopefully)!

Nicole said...

The headband... it's perfect! Thanks for linking up again. You're my fave!

Lauren said...

that headband is so cute! I think I need to check that out and see if I can make one for myself...but it would definitely have to be EASY! This girl is not crafty! ha!

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