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I'm behind on this (again), but I compiled another list of posts from fellow bloggers that I, personally, think are worth reading!  These are posts from about June to now that stood out to me.  I found each of these posts either encouraging, thought-provoking, funny or just fun to read and that is why they made this list - I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! 




I loved reading Claire's post about her snowball memory with Mary, a woman she met in a nursing home.  It inspires me to make sure my kids get a chance to reach out and experience serving in a nursing home someday as well.

E featured this guest post on her blog from Erika.  It's a letter to new moms from the perspective of someone who is still waiting to become a mom, and I feel like she perfectly described the feelings that those who struggle with infertility have to go through every day.

Just for fun, Anne wrote about how her personality has changed since she was in high school, and she linked to a fun personality quiz - if you check the comments you can see what personality type I am!  If you take the quiz you have to come back and tell me what type you are . .  .

Coming from my menu-challenged perspective, I thought this post from Michelle on using monthly menus was helpful (even though I have yet to buckle down and try the monthly menu planning thing).

An excerpt that Anna posted on from "Loving The Little Years" by Rachel Jankovic, on not worrying about how our bodies are changed after kids, because it means God has used our bodies to create a new life, and that's beautiful.

A sweet reminder to enjoy every moment while we're in it, from Claire.

DaisyGirl posted this video of a deaf boy hearing his mother's voice for the first time, and it was so sweet!

Ashley shared this article on when people say "Just wait until your child . . ." and how those words are often finished with something negative when we should focus on sharing all the joys that come with being a mom.

Thoughts from Jessica on waiting for a baby.

Encouraging words from Ashley about how comforting it is that God already knows everything about our future children.

A thought-provoking post from Chloe on what it would be like to let every decision be affected by our walk with Christ.

A great post from Jessica about how one of our jobs as "the lady of the house" is to provide beauty in our home and in our family's lives.

A sweet story from Rachel about how God provides, even in the little things. (Two parts, so make sure you read both of them.)

Thoughts from Krystal on finding a good balance when it comes to trying to lose the baby weight.

A story from Jessica on how God gave her a little reminder that He has plans for us, and we need to remember that He's not done yet!

For the Christian single ladies - I thought this post from Jennifer on the whole "dating vs. courting" thing provided some good insight - it's not what you call it, it's the attitude behind it!

An honest post from Tami on breaking out of that rut of mediocrity when it comes to our walk with the Lord.

Loved this post from Kendra on the attitude "that DIY-ness and crunchiness is akin to godliness", when it is only through faith in Jesus that we are saved - aka, it's okay to be a crunchy failure!

Good tips from Rachel on how to be hospitable and why we should try!

A fun post from Jessica (again!  She had a lot of good things to say the last few months) on how our weaknesses and insecurities can also leave room for God to work and bring Him more glory in the end!

Great post from Natalie on why it's good to control ourselves when we're tempted to complain on Facebook (or Twitter, or our blogs . . .)

This is a bigger blog that you all might read anyway, but I thought these ten tips for new bloggers were good points.

Felicia posted these tips for keeping a friendship up through the mail, as part of my Friendship link-up a few months back (lots of good posts in that link-up actually, so you should check those out too).

Super-fun 5 year anniversary photo shoot from Courtney's blog.  I want to do this with Derek!

Good thoughts from Heather on submitting to God's plans, even when all the doors seem to be closing.

Kara shared this post on postpartum depression, and I thought it was encouraging (for anyone who has battled with depression especially, but it would apply to any of our struggles).

A sobering post from Emily on why you shouldn't put those family decal stickers on your car.

Bridget posted a ton of great ideas for how to serve and encourage our husbands, kids, friends, etc!

A post from Katy on living in such a way that people can look at us and see that "she has been with Jesus".

A funny post from Tami that I think every blogger can relate to . . . 

A post from Courtney on keeping our perspective and not complaining about when things don't go right- the quote she included from her friend is what got to me most.

Great ideas from Veronica on ways to encourage your man!




And that's it for the last 5-ish months!  They'll also be in my sidebar for a while, so you can check them out there as well.  Happy reading!

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Laura said...

I love that you linked to so many great posts, most from blogs I've never visited. I'm checking them all out now.

Veronica and Daniel said...

I love your lists - and finding new great blogs to visit :) I was working my way down the list and was so excited to see my little blog on there! Thank you for reading :)

Kate Craig said...

Callie, random question, when I go through your list I want to right click on the links I'm interested in to open them in a new window but it says right clicks are disabled. do you have it set up that way for a reason?

But thanks for the recommendations!

Anne said...

Thanks for the shout out Callie! And thanks for sharing all of these links. I love posts like these, because if these stuck out in your mind, there is a good chance I'll want to read them too!

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