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Alrighty, on to the topic at hand.
"More Peas, Please" is probably a misleading title when it comes to our little family, because Wyatt hates peas.  Even when we first tried some pureed peas almost a year ago, the poor thing gagged and almost threw up. It was so sad.   I kind of suspect that the pea incident is what spoiled him toward green things in general.  If it's green, Wyatt is usually not interested.
We have a few go-to meals for feeding Wyatt, partly because I have a hard time coming up with ideas of what to feed him (hence why this link-up will be helpful!), and partly because the kiddo has developed some very specific likes and dislikes.  
And if he dislikes something, he will sit there and ignore it until I finally throw in the towel and take him out of his high chair.  I'm hoping this will improve as he gets older, when I can start telling him that he has to eat his vegetables (or whatever) before he gets anything else, but for now he wouldn't understand that and I just have to feed him something that he'll actually eat.
So without further ado:

Things Wyatt Will (Almost) Always Eat

(Yes, that is a marshmallow, but don't worry because marshmallows are not one of our go-to foods for Wyatt!)
Any type of pasta will do, but spaghetti is probably his favorite, with mac and cheese as a close second.  He'll also do alfredo.
Cheese Quesadillas
He'll almost always go for a cheese queasadilla.  Sometimes Derek will make hims  really good one on top of the stove, but most of the time when I resort to quesadillas we're in a rush and I'll just through a tortilla in the microwave with some cheese - Wyatt loves it.
Good for getting that protein in, and it's pretty adorable to see him holding his little wrapped bean burrito and taking bites out of it!  I just love watching him eat in general - it's so cute!
Also good for the protein! 
Cottage Cheese
I don't think Wyatt has ever turned down cottage cheese.  He'd probably eat a whole container in one sitting if I let him.
Slices of Cheese
Cheddar, pepperjack, colby, you name it.  He hardly ever turns down cheese!
I'm afraid I'm over-doing the bananas, but it is literally the only fruit he will willingly eat right now.  I think I ruined him to all pink/red fruits by giving him a tart strawberry once, but I have high hopes that one of these days he'll give it a try again!
This is good because it counteracts the bananas, if you know what I mean.
The kid is always in the mood for a cracker.  Sometimes he'll even bring me the box, hold it up to me, give me that big-eyed look, and say "cracker?".  I can't turn that down!  It's okay, because crackers are a good snack.  Graham crackers are his favorite, but animal crackers or Wheat Thins are good too.
Fruit/Vegetable Pouches
 This is how we get our fruits and vegetables in.  Plus I buy the V8 fruit/vegetable juice blends to try to sneak some in that way too.  Please don't give me a lecture about how whole fruits/vegetables have more nutrients in them - I took nutrition classes, trust me, I know.  I have to work with what he'll actually eat right now, and this is it!

Things He'll Usually Eat
(I caught him snacking on some cheerios one day.)
He usually likes any of the rice dishes I make - broccoli and cheddar rice, red beans and rice, etc.
Mashed Potatoes
This is a vegetable, right?
If I cut it up in little pieces he'll usually eat plain old chicken pretty well.  This is also a good option for out and about because Chic-Fil-A sells a kids meal with grilled chicken nuggets!  It makes me feel so much better to feed him grilled nuggets instead of fried, and he loves them.
It's hit or miss, but he'll usually eat yogurt pretty well, especially if he sees me eating it!
Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches
I over-did these for a while and he wouldn't touch them after that, but I tried it again recently and he liked it again.  I try to get the Simply Fruit jelly because it's only made with fruit (no extra sugar and all that), and it's a way for me to sneak more fruit in his diet.
Grilled Cheese Sandwhiches
Hit or miss, but sometimes he loves it.
The only other fruit that Wyatt will occasionally touch.

Things Wyatt Will NOT Eat

(This is about the face he gives, only he scrunches his nose more and looks more stubborn!)
Whole Vegetables
Frozen, canned, fresh - it doesn't matter.  He won't touch them.  There was a time when he would eat sliced carrots, but that was many moons ago.  He'll sometimes eat corn, if he's in the mood.  Once he ate a whole serving of broccoli salad voluntarily. But that's about it.  All I can do is keep trying and hopefully one of these days he'll decide veggies are alright.
Most Fruits
Except for bananas and occasionally melons, he just won't eat fruit.  It's a shame too.  I've tried many different kinds, and he is usually just not interested.  I feel sure this has got to change soon - I mean, what kid doesn't like fruit?  Maybe I should disguise it with some jello or something.

And that about wraps it up!  He obviously eats more things than just the things I listed, but those are our regular meal/snack choices, at least right now.  
So I'd love to hear, what do you feed your toddler?  Any other moms with picky eaters out there?  Any ideas for sneaky ways I can get more fruits and veggies in?
Write up a post and link-up below!


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Katie said...

Love this linkup and of course I'm participating :) I'm kind of jealous that Wyatt will eat the fruit/veggie pouches! I've always wished that we could do those so I could give her one in the car for a snack, but she won't put her mouth on the plastic! haha Oh well, as you know with food and kiddos, you win some you lose some! :)

Melanie said...

Loved reading your post Callie! As I told another mom that linked up..I'm going to have to try red beans on Makayla since she loves pinto beans! I also need to try eggs on her (it was one of those 'messier' foods she wouldnt touch) would make breakfast time a little less boring for her! The key is try and try again I think!! Thanks for hosting with was alot of fun working together!!

Lauren said...

great post! Elyse will eat most anything at this point...she just loves to eat. But I know that rejection is coming soon and I'm just hoping that she keeps eating everything she does right now. Have you tried avocado or guacamole with Wyatt? He could even dip his "crackers" in it...Elyse loves avocado and it's such a good healthy fat for them!

Paula @ Beauty Through Imperfection said...

looking forward to reading these. My little one has been a GREAT eater his whole life. but recently he has been on a self chosen fruit & cheese only diet. smh I'm letting it slide for now...

Jenna said...

There is hope, don't worry! Jax used to refuse ALL veggies. But now he eats almost any veggie we put in front of him. Just keep trying. Once Jax got bigger, I just started saying "oh you've had that before and you loved it!" Lol! Also, we used to give him the V8 juice too. Whatever works to get some fruits and veggies in them!

Melanie said...

So true Lauren..Makayla LOVES guacamole..would be good to try it out on Wyatt sometime..that is unless you've already tried! :-)

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