Deck The Halls! 2012

Black Friday Derek and I woke up super-early and got to Sears by 4:00 AM.  It was surprisingly quiet - I'm thinking more people are doing the midnight-openings these days instead of early morning?  

Anyway, we got a great deal on a new vacuum (yay!), then we went and picked up a few toys for Wyatt, went to Target and shopped for each other, went to the Christian bookstore and bought Wyatt another Praise Baby DVD for Christmas (he loves those movies, it's so cute),  stopped at Walmart for miscellaneous items, Dollar Store for presents for the dogs, and by 8:00 we were officially done with all our Christmas shopping!  

We still need a few stocking stuffers for each other, but we usually pick a store and a dollar limit and sneak around picking a few things out for each other while trying to keep from running into each other . . . so we'll still do that later.

We picked up Wyatt from my parents, went home, and started deep cleaning the house!  It ended up being a two-day project, but we got most of it done on Friday, and then we set up the Christmas decorations!

DSC 0047editblog

DSC 0053editblog

DSC 0056blog

I was really curious to see how Wyatt would react to the tree this year, since last year he was still pretty little - he was fascinated by the lights!

DSC 0072editblog

DSC 0073editblog

DSC 0082editblog

DSC 0088editblog

DSC 0094editblog

He was even more fascinated by the ornaments!

DSC 0096editblog

DSC 0099editblog

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DSC 0138editblog

DSC 0145editblog

DSC 0157editblog

DSC 0159editblog

DSC 0160editblog

Once we started putting the ornaments on the tree Wyatt figured out what we were supposed to do with them, and he wanted to put them on the tree too!  It was so cute watching him grab the little hooks, look at the tree, and then stuff the ornaments into the branches!

DSC 0178editblog
DSC 0182editblog

DSC 0184editblog

DSC 0180editblog

DSC 0199blog
DSC 0202blog
DSC 0214blog
It was pretty late at this point, and Wyatt kept rubbing his eyes, so we put him to bed and then finished up the tree.
Me putting the skirt under the tree (not easy with a big, pregnant belly)!
DSC 0216blog
DSC 0217blog
Derek putting the star on the tree!
DSC 0219blog
DSC 0222blog
The finished product!
DSC 0226editblog
We finished off the day by turning off all the lights except the tree and breaking out a bottle of sparkling cider. I bought three, one for Thanksgiving, one for Christmas Eve (as is our tradition), and one for New Year's.  It's always a nice quiet time, snuggling on the couch and talking while we drink our sparkling cider, and it was the perfect way to end the day!

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Laura Anne said...


Amanda said...

your christmas tree pictures are beautiful! i thought the stores were pretty quiet in the early morning too. we go out every year and this year seemed more mild.

Bech and Marley Evans said...

Your tree looks beautiful!

Vanessa Miller said...

So stinking cute! I can't wait for my daughter to have that kind of interest in the tree. She was more interested in the newspaper the decorations were wrapped with!

Melanie said...

You take the BEST pictures Callie! The tree is so your color theme! Wyatt looks like he really enjoyed himself too!

Rachael said...

It's a beautiful tree! Well done Callie! :) Can't wait to break out mine... there's no pressure of Thanksgiving here in Australia, so I'm looking forward to it on our traditional day - my sister's birthday - 3rd December.

Veronica and Daniel said...

So fun :) We are putting our tree up this weekend because we were out of town last weekend. I'm sure Wyatt enjoys looking at the lights whenever they are on!

courtney said...

I hope this comment is not a duplicate. I love you pics. I was just curious what kind of camera and what kind of lens you use. I only hope I can take the kind of pictures you take to document my future children as you do with your family.

Jessica said...

Your tree is so pretty! We put ours up this weekend too, and it just makes everything feel so cozy.

CAC said...

the tree is beautiful! and you look fabulous! those pics are great, it's amazing how good the tree looks!

Unknown said...

I love all of your pictures! Your Christmas tree is so pretty!

Callie said...

Hey Courtney, thanks for the compliment! You are so encouraging. I have a refurbished Nikon D3100, and I just have a kit lens and a 50mm f/1.8 lens - I use the 50 mm more often because I like the nice blurred background it gives, and it's better in lower light. I got my camera from Cameta Camera, and it was way cheaper than full price since it was refurbished!

Dove of Snow said...

All wonderful photos! Your tree is quite admirable. :) I especially love the photos of Wyatt! He looks like such a little ham and I just love his big, bright eyes and smile! What an adorable little guy to have as your son. :)

Brittney said...

Aww, so fun!! I love putting up the tree - that's probably my favorite part of getting ready for Christmas. Your tree is beautiful.

Unknown said...

Beautiful tree! I swear Wyatt doubles in height every time you post a picture!

Anne said...

Callie, this looks like so much fun! I love the pictures of Wyatt putting the ornaments into the tree - hilarious!

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