A Few Special Moments

I am officially 37 weeks today according to my doctor's timeline (I'll be 37 weeks on Saturday according to mine, but hey, I'll take the extra couple days).  

Thirty-seven weeks is kind of a milestone because it means that the baby could come at any time and she would no longer be considered premature!  This is really exciting, and my anticipation to meet her just keeps building!  I can't wait to smell that sweet new baby scent, see what she looks like, know what her name is.

I also realize though that I only have a little time left with just one kiddo, and I want to try to make the most of it.  I've been trying to take Wyatt outside to play when it's warm enough, and just spend time having fun together and enjoying any extra cuddles I can get in these last few weeks before we become a family of four.

A couple weeks ago I asked Derek if he would take a few pictures of me and Wyatt together.  So before we laid him down for his nap, Wyatt and I played for a bit and Derek followed us around with a camera.  He got some sweet pictures, so I thought I'd share some of them now!


DSC 0293editblog

DSC 0297editblog

DSC 0300editblog

DSC 0302editblog

DSC 0323editblog

DSC 0329editblog

DSC 0342editblog

DSC 0350editblog

DSC 0351editblog

DSC 0354editblog

DSC 0358editblog

DSC 0362editblog

DSC 0364editblog

DSC 0366editblog

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DSC 0380editblog

DSC 0388editblog

DSC 0393editblog

DSC 0394editblog

DSC 0396editblog

DSC 0397editblog


I love having these pictures of Wyatt and me together - it will help me remember these special weeks with my boy while his baby sister is in my belly.

 I can't wait until we have our second precious baby outside the belly to include in these types of pictures.  Wyatt will be such a sweet big brother.

But for now? I'm just soaking all these moments up.

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Michelle said...

Callie these are precious! You look great, I'm so happy for your growing family.

Kristin said...

I CANNOT believe she will be here soon! So excited for you three!!!

Emily Powell said...

so sweet! your pregnancy has flown by! You look amazing.

Caitlynne and Jared said...

These pictures are beautiful!

I was wondering if you had any advice about the transition to the toddler bed. Does Wyatt stay in it?

Venessa said...

Love the pictures! And can I just say that I love your bangs...Ive been wanting to cut mine but havent taken the plunge. Yours are super cute!

Andrea @ The Dawley Fam said...

aww, such special moments of the two of you! You look amazing!

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

You look so amazing! I hope I look like that when my turn comes. ;-) Wyatt is such a cutie pie, too. ;-)

Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary said...

Love these pics! Thanks so much for sharing with us...you look great of course! Can't wait to meet baby girl.

Melanie said...

Those are some sweet pictures!! You'll always treasure that time you spent (and these pics as reminder!) when it was just you guys with one child. I cant wait to see your little girl when she gets here and find out what you guys will name her!!

Kate Craig said...

I was so excited at 37 weeks! I love the ones with the bunny!

Brittney said...

Oh my. Such precious photos!!! And such a precious time. Can't believe you'll meet your sweet baby girl in three weeks or less - bet you can hardly wait:)

Paula @ Beauty Through Imperfection said...

such sweet pics! will be a treasure for years to come!

Memoirs of Me & Mine said...

These pictures are beautiful. I wish I had taken more pregnancy pictures.

The Life Of Faith said...

How sweet! You look absolutely amazing. I can't wait for your little girl to be born! I have loved following along with you just a few weeks behind me;)

Unknown said...

These pictures are so adorable! Speaking from experience, spend these last few weeks making as many memories as possible with him, because in less than a month, Wyatt is going to suddenly seem so big!

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