Baby Prep Update

I've made quite a bit of progress on my "Before Baby Girl Arrives" list, so I thought I'd update!  Here's what I've finished so far.

1. Finish crib bedding.  

Check!  You can see my post on the finished baby quilt here.

DSC 0615blog

2. Get maternity photos taken.  

Check!  Post coming up tomorrow!

3. Set up Wyatt's toddler bed and start the transition.  

He is completely in his toddler bed.  It was surprisingly easy to get him to switch over.  Or not so surprisingly maybe - he's a pretty easy-going kid, but it went better than I expected!

4. Finish buying the baby items we still need.  

Check!  I think I have everything I can think of at this point, including a few items I forgot about on the original list.

5. Finish buying and wrapping family Christmas presents!  

Check! Except for little gifts for my grandparents, but I'll just get those right before I see them since I'll probably get gifts that are edible.

6. Christmas shopping for Derek and Wyatt.  

Finished it on Black Friday, except for stocking stuffers, but Derek and I will probably make a date of buying the stocking stuffers for each other.

7. Try to prepare Wyatt for having a little sister.  

Can you really prepare a 21 month old for something so huge?  I'm not sure.  We tell him about the baby in my stomach, and he has occasionally pointed to my stomach and said "baby!"  But I don't think he really can know what's coming.  I think he'll love her once he sees her though - he is fascinated with babies.

8. Re-paint Wyatt's room.
Check.  The nursery is now a nice "balsam beige".  Eventually I'll do a post and show you the room that Wyatt and Baby Girl will be sharing!

DSC 0001blog

9.   Pre-register for our hospital.  


10. Review birthing info and breathing techniques.  

Check, and I wrote out some verses to read during labor.  Now I'd just like to get a labor playlist compiled, and I'll be all set!

11.  Final baby prep.

Clothes are organized, working on sterilizing the bottle this week, still need to check the batteries for my pump.

12. Finalize a name list! 

Check!  We have it narrowed down to 2-3 names, and we'll make a final decision once she gets here.

13. Decorate for Christmas.  

Check, and we had fun with it too!  See all our tree-decorating pictures here.

DSC 0145editblog

14.  Clean out the closets/organize our clothes.  

Check!  I did this before vacation and it felt so good to get it done.

15. Clean out, organize, and back up all my photos from the last year.  

Check!  I moved all my photos from iPhoto into Finder.  I tried iPhoto, and there are some cool things about it, but it was really annoying me how I couldn't download, upload, or save anything directly into my iPhoto folders - so I moved them all to Finder.  It was a huge project.  And then I got them all backed up on an external hard drive, and it feels so good to have it done!

More things that I added to the list:

16. Deep clean the house.

Check!  Derek helped me and it went so much quicker.  I have a sweet husband.

17. Clean out kitchen cupboards.

Kind of part of the deep clean, but it took me several hours.  It's amazing how grimy the inside of your kitchen cabinets can get in two years.

18. Strip cloth diapers.

We've been having ammonia issues.  I think I finally (mostly) won.  I used this blue dawn  diaper stripping method and it seemed to do the trick on most of the inserts!  I also finished prepping all the new diapers I bought for Baby, so we are set!

19. Fill photo albums.

I officially have the photos of Wyatt's entire first year printed and inserted into photo albums!  I'm not going to even start on this year until after she arrives.

20. Get a head start on her baby book (and catch up on Wyatt's).


21. Pack hospital bag.

Check!  I mostly followed the same hospital bag packing list I used last time.

22. Get address labels ready (for birth announcements and my sister's shower in January).

Mostly check.  I have them printed, but I accidentally printed my whole address book, so I need to decide who is actually getting birth announcements and discard the other labels.

23. Wrap Derek and Wyatt's presents.

Mostly check.  I have a couple presents for Derek that still need to be wrapped.

IMG 0429blog

(Wyatt's presents - we're doing a brown-paper-packages-with-painted-letters theme this year, inspired by this pic).

24. Prepare guest posts.

Check!  Guest posts are all lined up and ready for whenever she decides to make her appearance!

25.  Buy my sister's shower gift.

Nope.  But I'm working on it.

And I believe that is it!  I may add "Bake Christmas cookies and freezer meals" to this list if she decides to go to her due date.  I'm feeling really good about where we stand as of right now - the things that I haven't crossed off yet are pretty easy, so even if she comes now, not finishing the rest won't be that big of a deal!  

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E said...

This post stressed me out!!! Haha! You are ON TOP OF IT! Go mama!

Amanda said...

Wow! I'm so impressed! Can't wait to see their room!

Amanda said...

You're so on top of things! I'm not preparing to give birth or anything monumental and I'm not as prepared for Christmas as you are! I feel like I need to get off the computer now and accomplish something! Haha!

Lyndsey said...

Wow! Reading through all your accomplishments is making me feel like I have A LOT to do! Awesome job! I can't wait to see the kiddos new room!

Melanie said...

You've been one busy momma!! I need to clean my cabinets out too..gosh I hate to think of what they look like once everything gets taken out..yuck!! I LOVE how you put the first initials on your Christmas gifts..what a great idea!!

The Clem Family said...

As a use to be accountant, I LOVE lists, especially lists with lots of nice lines crossing through the items! I am impressed with your progress! As far as prepping W for baby sister, I would recommend checking out some big brother type books from the library. That was really all I could do for my oldest who was 24 months when his brother arrives. As a warning, there will be adjustments no matter how much you prepare. Ours didn't show up until around 3-4 months later when baby brother started staying awake more.

Kristin said...

Seriously, you are SUPERMOM!!!! I can't even bring myself to make lists these days, let alone do anything on them ;) Kudos to you!

Unknown said...

Wow Callie, very organised!

LeAnna said...

I agree about iPhoto! Not a fan. My two are 21mo apart, and big brother handled it pretty well. A lot got easier once he hit 2years, and yes, there are lots of adjustments...but they all level out! Love the quilt, it's so adorable!

Dove of Snow said...

Wow you're an achiever! I'm impressed!! Good job! :)

Unknown said...

My comment echo's the above. With an 18 month old and another on the way I just hope I can accomplish half the stuff you did before babe 2 come along. I can't even say I'm ready for Christmas yet, let alone another baby.

Good luck in the next few weeks. Can't wait to see the first baby girl post!

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