Just A Fun Weekend

This weekend we had plans to take Wyatt to a Christmas parade in a little town near us.  I really wanted to do a couple more family outings, since I don't know when Baby Girl will arrive and it'll probably be harder to get out and about for the first coupe weeks after she does.

I had every intention of leaving early so we could find a good spot at the parade where I could also sit, but I was having one of those hair days.  So we left later than I wanted to.

We arrived at the parade, got Wyatt bundled up, and went to see what we could see.

DSC 0461blog

And that's about how it went the whole time.  Wyatt was not impressed.

DSC 0450blog

 He just had this look on his face the whole time that said "It's cold. This is stupid.  Why are we here?" It cracks me up! 

DSC 0454blog

He did perk up a little bit when he say the Newfoundland dogs pulling the cart, and when he saw the alpacas he pointed and asked Derek "What are those?"

DSC 0455blog

Then it was back to wondering why we were there again.  Maybe next year it won't be so cold and he'll be a little more into it!

DSC 0463editblog

Then he fell asleep in the car - poor kiddo was tired.

We took him to see some reindeer at a western supply store after that, and he was pretty interested in seeing them!  Then we went to lunch.

DSC 0468editblog

DSC 0469editblog

My two silly guys!  I love these pictures.

The next morning we woke up to beautiful snow!  I feel like if it's going to be December, it should be snowing.  I hate brown Christmases, so I was happy!

The kids in our church put on a Christmas musical one Sunday in December, so we got to see that in the morning!  Then we came home, put Wyatt down for a nap, and Derek and I watched a Christmas movie.  We had plans to go to a party in the evening, but it got cancelled, so we got bundled up and picked up some Chinese food, then spent the rest of the evening watching The Santa Clause, making chocolate-covered pretzels, reading our advent verse for the day, and just spending time together.  And I didn't take a single picture.

It was perfect.

With all the Christmas gatherings coming up the next couple weekends and the fact that Baby Girl could pretty much come any time here, I don't know how many weekends we'll have left to do things like this in 2012.  It was nice to just soak up some time with Derek and Wyatt, and enjoy the Christmas season together!


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Emily Powell said...

Ha! I love that we go out of our way to do fun things for our kids and then they're like, "mehh...whatever!" Gotta love them for it!

Ryan V. said...

Even though he was not impressed, he looks cute all bundled up! By the way, we love newfoundlands!!! I grew up with one and he was 14 when he passed. My mom got another when I was in college. He's 7 now. Super sweet dogs!!

Melanie said...

Wyatt's facial expressions are priceless!! Glad you had a good weekend there AND got snow..lucky you!! Its been so warm (and rainy) here..yuck..definately not December weather!

Jodi said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend! Glad you got to just chill and hang out at home. I'm sure you will be very busy soon enough! ;)

Brittney Galloway said...

Aww, your Sunday sounded picture perfect, despite the lack of pictures :)

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