My Bull Rider (And Some Scary Pictures)

Remember way back in April when Derek went to that bull riding school?

For those of you who weren't reading last year - I temporarily lost my mind and gave Derek money to go to bull riding school as a birthday present.

I say that half in jest, because I was actually really glad he got a chance to go - this was one of those items that was on Derek's personal bucket list, and he had been talking about it since before we got married.  For the last couple years I had poo-pooed the idea every time he brought it up because I was secretly saving up some money for him to go!

Anyway, you can read the full story of his weekend at bull riding school here, but at the time I didn't get many good pictures.  Thankfully the school had a professional photographer on hand to get shots of all the students, and I'm finally remembering to share the photos they sent us!

Now as you look through these pictures, imagine if that was your husband on the back of that beast . . .

IMG 3187blog

IMG 3188blog

IMG 3189blog

IMG 3190blog

IMG 3366blog

IMG 3367blog

IMG 3368blog

IMG 3854blog

IMG 3855blog

IMG 3856blog

IMG 3857blog

Do I think he looks pretty sexy riding that bull?  Yes.

Do I want him to do it again.  No.  Definitely no.

Sorry Babe.  I love you!

(P.S.  You do look good though . . .)

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Jenna said...

GAH! That terrifies me! Why do men have this need to be in scary situations?? Pretty cool for him though :)

Hall Around Texas said...

It scares me as well! We go to the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo every January and I always squeal or sigh or even cover my eyes. I couldn't imagine my husband doing it!!

Anonymous said...

Man that guy looks like he could make millions doing this! Maybe you should let him do this more often!

Callie said...

Uh, huh. Derek, is that you? Nice try. :-P

Emily Powell said...

so scary! no way I would let J do that. NEVER!

Emily said...

that would make me sooooo nervous! did he enjoy it or was he like, i'm never doing that again!?

Jodi said...

Not sure why anyone would want to put their body through that pain but glad he got to do something on his bucket list. Great gift!!

Alli said...

Hahaha! Before I met my husband, he was working on a dude ranch out in Wyoming. He broke his nose several times riding. Let's just say he got riding out of his system.

Callie said...

He wants to do it again, and I'm constantly having to talk him out of it! I was kind of hoping going to the school would get it out of his system, but it backfired. :-)

Melanie said...

Ha!! I remember you telling us about this back in april..these are some good shots of his experience!! I'm with way no how would I want my hubby to do something like that!!

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