Nine Months Pregnant (Baby #2)

We are 36 weeks (9 months!) pregnant this week!  I'll actually be full-term in a couple more days, and then she could pretty much come at any time!


I've pretty much finished all the baby preparations that are urgent - now it's just about keeping the house relatively clean at all times, because I want it to be in order before I go into labor/get admitted to the hospital.

I'm feeling pretty good, though I overdid it grocery shopping one day last week and spent the rest of the evening in pain.  My back, my hips, everything.  So I'm going to try not to plan too much in one day from here on out.

I've gained about 25 pounds so far (a bit more than I gained with Wyatt at this point, but not by much).  I think the belly is growing again though, because my skin has been itching like crazy this last week. 

I also had another mini stretch-mark explosion around 35 weeks, which is exactly what happened with Wyatt at 35 weeks as well - but like I said then, I can deal with some stretch marks.  They fade a lot later, and I have plans to try some stretch-mark remedies once I'm done having kiddos (I figure I won't even bother trying to improve the ones I have until I know I won't be getting any more).  So it's not a big deal.  Sure, my body will never be the same as pre-babies, but who cares?  I'll take babies any day!

I am down to weekly doctor's appointments now, and I had an appointment at 35 and 36 weeks (my next one is tomorrow, I'll be almost 37 weeks according to my doctor's timeline).  She started checking for progress at our 35 week appointment, and I was 1.5 cm dilated, 60% effaced!

I could tell the baby was sitting really low, and I was pretty sure she was head-down, and I was right - my doctor said she's head-down and at zero station (on a scale from -5 to +5, -5 being no where near the pelvis, and +5 being born).  So she's all in position and ready to go.

The next week at my 36 week check I was at 2 cm, so slight progress - I could pretty much stay at 2 cm until she comes, or things could progress more before I go into labor.  We'll see what the doc says tomorrow!

So far everything looks good as far as preeclampsia goes - no protein or high blood pressure signs!  Hopefully this will continue.  I'd kind of like to see what it's like to go into labor on my own this time, instead of being induced again, so hopefully no pre-e will develop!

Speaking of labor signs - I'm definitely noticing more contractions these days.  Nothing painful or anything, but I never noticed any contractions with Wyatt - I was having them, but I could never feel them.  So actually being able to feel them is a new experience.  I'll just be sitting and all of a sudden my stomach will feel really uncomfortable for a minute, and when I touch my stomach it's really hard.  Then the uncomfortable feeling will fade again.  

It kind of feels the way it does when she pushes out the side of my stomach, except it affects my whole belly all at once.  It comes and goes.  I was having them a lot on Friday and Saturday, and then they started to lighten up some on Sunday.  Just building the suspense I guess!  I'm starting to wonder how I'll recognize them as actual labor when the time comes, but I suppose I'll know.

Baby is still moving a lot, and I got a great video of her moving the other day!  I was so glad to get her on film, because I have a good one of Wyatt moving inside my belly, and I wanted one of her too.  

She pushes so hard with her feet sometimes that you can see a little cone-shaped bulge in the side of my stomach - it looks so funny!  She actually gave me a swift, hard kick to the ribs a couple weeks ago, and it was actually sore the next day.  I'm wondering how long she is since she's head-down and so low but can still reach my ribs.
Since all major baby preparations are done, my plan for this week is just to have fun with Wyatt, make a few baby headbands for her, and possibly work on some other sewing and knitting projects.

On a sidenote, a week or two ago my blog friend Leslie (who sells Scentsy here), told me she wanted to send a Scentsy Buddy for a gift for Baby Girl!  I thought that was so sweet!  Scentsy Buddies are these little stuffed animals with pouches in their backs so you can put a scent-pack in them and they make everything smell good.  

So yesterday I got Lenny the Lamb in the mail!  

DSC 0501blog

DSC 0503

He is so cute!  Leslie sent us a "Newborn Nursery" scent pack too, and it smells so fresh and clean and baby-like.  It makes me anxious for her to get here!

It's weird to think that she could come any time now and they wouldn't do anything to stop her - I'm getting so excited to meet her!

36weeks 1blog

36weeks 6blog

Check out my 36 week update with Wyatt here (that was my last pregnancy update with him before he was born!). And as another sidenote, Big Brother is 22 months old today! Where does the time go?

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Jenna said...

I CANNOT believe you're full term already!! I feel like it flew by! I was worried about knowing real contractions too, but mine started feeling so strong that I had to stop what I was doing and take deep breaths. That happened for a few days, then I noticed it was happening frequently so I started timing the,. It ended up being false labor that day, but I went into labor for real the next night! I can't wait to see your sweet girl's face!!

Sarah said...

Getting so close!! I can't wait til she's here and we get to "meet" her too!

erika @ life unfluffed said...

Your belly is adorable! I wish mine were that perfectly shaped!
Congrats on almost being term! Lucky gal.


Melissa said...

That is the cutest little lamb! Can't wait to see baby pics!!! :)

Krystle said...

I am ready to hear her name :) :)

Ashlee J said...

Holy my goodness! I feel like your pregnancy flew by! I'm sure you feel the same, :) But I mean, I seriously feel like you JUST announced it! How exciting!!

Melanie said...

I think those shots above are my favorite so far of your pregnant self!! LOVE that wintery background! :-) And happy 22 months to Wyatt..time FLIES!! Your girl will be here before you know it!

Lauren said...

seriously how it already time for her to arrive?!? I'm sure it seems like it's flying by for you as well...of course these last few weeks seemed to drag on for me!

you look so cute by the way!

Amanda said...

I can't believe she's almost here! You look amazing (you did with Wyatt, too)! I'm looking forward to seeing pics and finding out her name! I wish I could meet her in person!

katie ridings said...

loving the perfectly round tummy!!

Jonathan and Telcia said...

I have been lost outside of the blogging world and been completely out of touch. you are pregnant! congratulations. I am pregnant too! 26 wks for us... woohoo! that's so cool.

Cassidy Robinson said...

You carry a baby so well, Callie! Just beautiful. She will be here so soon! :)

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