1/52 - Helper and Hungry

I've seen this project going around blogland of taking a picture each week of your little ones throughout the new year.  It started at this blog.  I think this might be a photo challenge I can actually keep up on, and I like the idea of having some accountability to remind me to take thoughtful pictures of my kiddos every week in 2013.  So I'm going to start in on it (though a little late)!  

DSC 0437editblog

I'm back-dating the first couple posts, and this is one of my favorite pictures of my kiddos from the first week of January.  It cracks me up - little Gwen was hungry and Wyatt was trying to give her the pacifier to calm her down.  This was one of their first real interactions as well, and it was so sweet and funny!  Wyatt still thinks the pacifier is the answer to everything whenever Gwen is upset.

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