3/52 - Bundled Up and Yawning


This was right after visiting at my brother's house, and we were getting ready to go back home. Wyatt kept rocking Gwen in her carseat, and making sure she had her pacifier, and bending down so he could look her in the eye - but he paused long enough to give me an adorable smile for the camera!

DSC 0647blog

(Yes, that is a dog nose just to the right of Wyatt's face - can't control everything!)

And this was just at home one afternoon.  Wyatt was napping, and I was trying to get a good picture of Gwen.  I lucked out because she yawned right that second!  I love baby yawns.

DSC 0701blog

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Emily Powell said...

both are precious!

Michelle said...

Love this, so adorable!

katie said...

They are soooo cute!

Melanie said...

Sweet! Love the dog nose in the one picture!! LOL!

Brittney said...

Too cute!

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