4/52 - Oh, The Expressions

I feel like both of my kids have such expressive faces - even though one of them hasn't even smiled intentionally (that I know of) yet!  

DSC 0938blog

Gwen often gives this concerned expression - she scrunches her little eyebrows together and just studies things.  Though she'll sometimes make a similar face when she's unhappy, most of the time I think she's just concentrating and observing what's going on around her.  She's a very alert baby. I love getting to know her different little facial expressions, and I know that she'll just keep adding to them as she gets bigger!

DSC 1128editblog

Wyatt has so many facial expressions, and I love that you can pretty much read his mind just by looking at his face.  He gets this facial expression when something isn't quite going the way he wants it to, and every time he does it just cracks me up!  He'll make this face when something startles him, or when he drops something, or when he can't find something - or sometimes I think he does it just to be silly.  He loves to make people laugh.  He makes me smile!

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Brittney said...

Love these pics! What doll babies you have - such precious little faces!:)

Melanie said...

They are so cute!!!! Gwen is going to be a studier..for sure!!

Unknown said...

So cute!

Julie S. said...


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