A Very Late Christmas Recap

 Every year we switch off holidays with each side of the family for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  This year it was my side of the family for Christmas Eve and Derek's side of the family for Christmas Day!  So on Christmas Eve we gathered up the presents and headed off to my parent's house.

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We ate a great dinner and then opened presents!  Wyatt got lots of good stuff from his grandparents and aunts and uncles (and Derek and I got some good stuff too).


After presents we played games together and it was a lovely time!  I also had my mom snap a family picture of us.

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We went home and got Wyatt all dressed in his new pajamas - so cute!  Then we read him a bedtime story and put him to bed.  I love tucking Wyatt in on Christmas Eve, it just feels special, and I know it'll be more exciting as he get older and can understand that the next day is Christmas!

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After we got Wyatt settled, Derek and I put all his presents out under the tree and then settled down to drink some sparkling cider together on the couch and talk  Derek and I do that together every year after putting out the presents, and it's one of my favorite parts of Christmas Eve!

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The next morning we woke up to a beautiful layer of snow outside!  I was so excited to have a white Christmas!


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 We brought Wyatt upstairs, and I don't think he quite knew what to expect.


We opened out stockings while Wyatt ate breakfast!  Every year we go somewhere together to shop for stocking stuffers and try to avoid running into each other while we shop - this year we went to the mall!  Derek got me some shower gel, a bath fizzy, and nail polish for my stocking - I got him a card trick book, cards, chocolate, and a harmonica for his.  

After breakfast we took turns opening some presents with Wyatt!


We didn't get to all his presents that morning, but he really liked the presents we did get to open - a xylophone and several books!  Especially the xylophone - he played with that all morning - it was cute and we were glad he liked it so much!


Later we put him down for a nap and opened a few of our gifts.  I got Derek a couple shirts, a new shaver, and college football decals for his car.  He got me a skirt and sweater I wanted from Target, and Taylor Swift's new CD!  


We went light on our gifts this year because we decided to get a Nintendo Wii as a family gift!  We had a lot of fun playing with it the next day.


After that we got Wyatt up and got ready to go to Derek's mom's house for Christmas dinner!  We had a really nice time visiting, eating, and opening presents together, and Wyatt got to play with his cousins.  He loves hanging out with his cousins and it's always sad when we have to leave!


By the time we got home it was a little too late to open any more of Wyatt's presents, so we just read the Christmas story together and put him to bed.  Then Derek and I did our annual present-hunt - we hide a present for each other around the house to open on Christmas night! I think this will be fun to do with the kids someday too, when they're bigger.  Derek got us movie tickets (yay for a date night in the near future!), and I got him some more cologne.  

It was a lovely Christmas Day, and I was sorry to see it end.  It was nice though because Derek had the next day off as well, so we stretched Christmas out through the 26th!

The next day we slept in opened another one of Wyatt's presents - a wooden dinosaur puzzle!  He had fun figuring it out.


Then we went out to lunch, and came back and put Wyatt down for a nap - then Derek and I had a chance to try out our new Wii!

Later we opened the last of Wyatt's gifts after he woke up.  Poor kid, he was tired and I think a little overwhelmed with all the present-opening over the last several days.

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He perked up once we got his stocking stuffers open though - he loved his new slinky!

Dac2DSC 0115blog

Then he was tired out again and I got in some snuggle-time with my boy.

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We spent the rest of the evening eating dinner together and playing, and then it was time to put Mr. Wyatt to bed and wrap up the Christmas festivities for another year.  


DSC 0133blog

Got to have time to jump on the bed though.

DSC 0140blog

Tired boy and his blanket.

If you read Gwen's birth story you know how the rest of that evening went!  We had such a fun and special time celebrating Christmas with Wyatt this year though, and I wanted to make sure to get all of those memories down!

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