Gwendolyn At One Month

 My sweet Gwendolyn turned one month old on Sunday!


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She's grown so much in one month!  She passed her birth weight at her one week checkup, and I'm curious to see how much she weighs the next time we go in.  She's generally starting to outgrow some of her newborn outfits - the other day I found a sleeper that I forgot I had, and I put her in it only to realize that it was pretty much too small - so she only got to wear it once!  I just look at her, and I can tell she's gotten so much bigger.  They grow so fast.


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Some fun happenings this month . . .

Gwen had her first real bath shortly after we came home.

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(She obviously is not a fan of baths.)

Gwen's cord fell off on January 2nd.

Gwen got her first piece of mail!

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We had our first family outing (you know, somewhere besides church, errands or visits to people's houses) to a stock show.  

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I wouldn't say she's had her first real, intentional smile yet, but she sure has some cute fake ones. 

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As I mentioned in her two week update, Gwen's first few nights home were pretty rough, but since then she's been sleeping pretty well.  She usually goes at least four hours between feedings at night, 4-5 hours on average.  The other night she actually went 7 hours between feedings!  I looked at the clock and then went to check on her because she had me worried - she might have slept longer, but I woke her up. It must have been a fluke, because she hasn't done that since, but I'm hopeful that she'll start stretching out her night feedings more soon.


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I think the poor thing has some sort of food sensitivity/allergy.  Around two and a half weeks old (on the 15th, I think) her diapers turned a funny color - and they've been going back and forth between that and normal ever since.  I cut out milk about a week and a half ago, trying to see if that was it, but it hadn't cleared anything up - then it occurred to me that it might be peanuts, so I cut out that a few days ago, and she seems to be doing better so far.  So I'm thinking it might be peanuts.  I ate dairy again and now I'm waiting to see if that affects her, and if it doesn't I'll try having a little peanut butter to see if that's it.  


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I honestly wouldn't even have thought "allergy" when I saw the change in her diapers, but I googled it and then it made sense - one of my young family members has food allergies as well and her mom said changes in the diapers can be one of the first signs.  I'm hoping that if it is an allergy we caught it early enough that we can avoid the allergen, and hopefully she'll grow out of it or only have a mild allergy.  We shall see.  

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On a completely different note, I'm so curious to see who she looks like as she grows!  I think she has Derek's eye shape, and she'll probably have his eye color.  But several people have declared that she looks like me, and it makes me feel good!  I feel like she has such delicate, pretty little features.  I can't imagine her face as a boy - she just looks so girly to me.  I hope she never feels like she's not pretty (even though I know at some point she probably will), because I think she's so beautiful.


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She's so alert - she just looks around at everything with this quizzical expression on her face.  It's so cute!  She's also aware of who is holding her - I handed her off to Derek the other day, and she leaned back and looked at him, and then once she realized she was with her dad she snuggled her little face into his neck.  It was adorable.  It's fun to me to watch Derek with her - he's so protective of her already.


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She'll turn her head when she hears my voice, or sometimes she'll be fine until I walk into the room, and then she'll give out a cry to let me know she's hungry - she knows who feeds her!  She'll just stare into my eyes sometimes, and I'll stare back, like we're trying to memorize each others' faces (which I actually am trying to memorize her face).  She's precious.


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It's interesting to me to see how different Gwen is from Wyatt as a newborn, and also how they've been the same.  Wyatt ate a lot more.  Gwen eats less, more often.  They both got stomach aches in the first month, but Wyatt's were more related to gas bubbles, and I think Gwen's are related to the food sensitivity issue.  They're both pretty good sleepers, but it's a little harder to get Gwen to go to sleep initially.  Wyatt didn't really care if his diaper was dirty - Gwen will let us know.  Gwen has more sensitive skin.  They both were snuggly, and they both do/did okay being by themselves for periods of time as well, but Gwen definitely prefers being held (more noticeable with Wyatt).  

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They both have good heads of hair, but Wyatt's was blond and more fluffy (can't think of a better way to describe it), and hers is darker and lays in perfect swirls against her head.  I think her hair might have a slight wave to it too.  

They both are so expressive, and when I look at pictures of Wyatt and then look at Gwen, I can definitely see the resemblance - their bright eyes, their little noses, their facial expressions.  It's so fun to see the similarities and differences coming through at such a young age.  I love every way they are different, and every way they are the same.  


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Speaking of Wyatt, he has been such a good big brother, and it's fun to see him interact with Gwen.  Mostly Gwen just stares at Wyatt right now (obviously), but Wyatt tries to give her the pacifier, rocks her carseat, pats her back to help burp her.  He still likes to puts his face really close to hers and stare at her.  The other day I was holding Gwen and Wyatt came over, and I told him he could give her a kiss - he pursed his lips and leaned forward like he was going to, and then he got a little shy, grinned, and backed away.  Watching them together melts my heart.


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I can't believe she's already a month old.  I keep thinking back to Wyatt's one-month picture that I took with his elephant, and when I think of that picture I think about every other monthly picture I took his first year - and it reminds me how fast babies change.  She's already changed a lot from when she was first born - her face looks different to me, she's most definitely gotten bigger, and when I watch her looking at the world around her it just strikes me again.  It's hard to see them grow so fast, but it's also exciting - each stage is so much fun.  I can't wait to watch her little personality develop, and I love getting to know my sweet daughter as she grows!


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My Precious Gwendolyn,

You are a month old, Pretty Girl!  On the one hand the last month seemed to fly by, but on the other hand you fit so naturally into our family that it seems that you've been here longer than that.  Your sweet, just-born self is still fresh in my mind, and I look at you now and it strikes me how much you've changed already.  You are so precious to me.  I love the way you snuggle into my neck when I pick you up.  I love the way you lean back and stare up at me with your beautiful eyes.  I love the way you still curl your little legs up to your chest when we snuggle.  I love that you can be so upset, but I'll pick you up and within minutes you are fast asleep in my arms.  I love your sweet little cheeks and button nose. I love the way you look when you're sleeping, and I love the way you look when you're awake.  I love the sweet little noises you make. I feel so blessed to have you as my daughter, and I thank God every day for giving you to me.  So grateful you are mine, Pretty Girl, and we're just soaking up this time while you're so little.  I love you more than I can tell you.

Love Always,

Your Mama

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Emily Powell said...

WOW! An entire month! She is precious!

The Unlikely Runner said...

Oh my goodness she is just precious! What a beautiful daughter you have!

LeAnna said...

What a sweet heart she is!

My babies tend to have dairy issues while nursing, it's no fun. I will say that if her poo's are a frothy green you may be dealing with more of a hind milk/fore milk imbalance than anything. Babies that have a hard time with that are usually somewhat "lazy" nursers that take longer to nurse, nurse less vigorously and more often. They end up with more of the carbohydrate rich fore milk than they do the fatty hind milk that gives bf poop that rich yellow color. Also, when they are getting all of that sugary fore milk they are much more gassy...

Feel free to email me for more info if that's what your experiencing. I had all sorts of bf issues with my oldest, and one of my Mom's friends is a LLL instructor and I learned a lot I wouldn't have otherwise!

Sarah said...

When I saw the first picture of her, I thought immediately that she looks like Derek, but then in the picture above with you holding her, I can see you a lot too. I've always thought that Wyatt looks more like you, but more masculine obviously while she looks like Derek, but the feminine version. Either way they are perfect mixes of the two of you!

Love all the headbands. Hopefully because you have her wearing them a lot, she won't tug them off when she is older because she'll be so used to it.

Rachel said...

That's interesting about allergy. What were the changes? Ivy's sometimes has changes in diaper colour(greeny)but I didn't really think anything of it as she seems pretty happy.
Gwen is so gorgeous! She's grown so much already :)

Amanda said...

She's just so precious! I love how much she and Wyatt resemble each other. I think it's adorable when siblings look alike. Can't believe a month has already gone by!

Paula @ Beauty Through Imperfection said...

she is so adorable!!! happy 1 month Gwedolyn <3

Rachel and John said...

She is so sweet! I think she looks very feminine too. I also love watching Henry and William interact.

Sarah @ The Not Quite Military Wife said...

She is beautiful! Congratulations!

Lindsey said...

She is beautiful! My son had a sensitivity to dairy and the telling was definitely in the diapers, keeping a food diary helped us hug figuring it out. Hope it becomes clear for you guys soon!

Shae said...

I can't believe it's already been a month! She's so pretty! :)

Ashlee J said...

My word, Callie! She is seriously so beautiful! And I cannot believe she's a month old already!

Lyndsey said...

She is just so precious Callie! I can't believe it's been a month already!

Melanie said...

Oh Callie she is just SO sweet!!! Love her little you said she's such a girl with her delicate features! I have a little 'something' in the works for Miss Gwen...hope you don't mind! :-)

Meghan said...

She is so adorable! These pictures make me so excited to dress a baby girl. Woo hoo! Love that Big Brother Wyatt's been so wonderful too. You have such a sweet family.

Unknown said...

Being a Mumma of two suits you Callie!!!!

Elisabeth Allen said...

Your family is sooooo cute! :)

Amanda said...

She is so cute! Happy 1 Month!

Brittney said...

Aww. Sweet baby girl! My favorite pic is the one of you and your daughter during bathtime - love her expression, too cute!!

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