Two Weeks

Miss Gwendolyn is two weeks old!  That went by fast - I can't believe we're on the downward slope to one month.  She is so sweet, and it's been such a sweet time settling in as a family of four.  There are a few things I wanted to remember about her first couple weeks, so I'm sharing bullet points today!


DSC 0523blog

DSC 0521blog


(Miss Gwen at two weeks old.  Yes, she has two stuffed animals for comparison pictures. We received two as gifts, and I can't decide which one I want to use, so I'm taking pictures with both for now!)

-Right after we got home from the hospital I got sick with a cold.  I know, great timing, huh?  I think I passed it on to Gwen before I realized I had it, because her little nose was stuffy for a couple days.  We also had a very rough first few nights at home - she was up every two hours the first night home, which I realized wasn't even bad when she went three to four hours without sleeping at all the next couple nights!  We were pretty exhausted, but around the fourth night she started going three hour stretches between feedings, and it was heavenly.  Now she's sleeping 4-5 hour stretches at night, which translates to two nighttime feedings - and that is completely manageable.  I feel pretty well rested, actually!

-When I pick her up she snuggles her little face against my collar bone - I love it, love it, love it.

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-She gives lots of little "smiles" when she's sleeping - it's the cutest thing!  One day she was also wide awake and looking at me and gave another "smile" - I know she doesn't mean it yet, but it still melts my heart!

-I look at Gwendolyn, and though I think she and Wyatt definitely have their own distinct looks, I can also see similarities between them - I feel like their face shape is the same.  She sometimes raises up her head (she has a strong little neck!) and looks at Derek or me, and it reminds me so much of how Wyatt looked when he was this age, because he used to raise up his head and just stare at us too.  It's so sweet.


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-Speaking of Wyatt, he has been such a sweet big brother.  He's had a couple meltdowns that I know are related to all the change with a new baby in the house, but nothing directed at Gwen.  

He tries to give her the pacifier, pats her back to help us burp her, rocks her in her swing or car seat, and he reaches out one finger and touches her head.  

The other day he found one of her baby headbands on the couch, and he walked over and laid it on top of her head!  

Last week I put Gwen down for a nap, and Wyatt didn't see me do it - he looked all around and said "Baby?", wondering where she went!  It was so cute. 

He has also taken to just getting really close to her face and staring at her. And he loves her feet. Yesterday I let Gwen sleep in her carseat for a little while and when I took her out I thought I had lost her shoes - then I realized Wyatt had taken both of them off and put them neatly off to the side! He loves looking at and touching her feet.


IMG 0532blog


I love this picture.  We went shopping with my mom last week, and Wyatt was so attentive to Gwen throughout the store - he just had his hand resting on her to make sure she was okay.  It melts my heart.  He wants so badly to be a good helper, and he is!

-Gwen has the cutest little cry.  Sometimes she'll give a nice, strong cry, but other times her cry is so small and cutely pathetic - more like a whimper really.  It gets Derek and me every time.

-She likes to be swaddled.  She doesn't like to have her arms out, but she gets upset if she can't get her hands out.  She likes to hold her hands up to her face, right under her chin, while she sleeps (or when she's awake).


IMG 0534blog


-She makes this adorable little face where she opens her eyes, looks around, and forms her lips into a tiny little "o".  I'm attempting to catch it on camera, but I don't think I'll ever forget it, even if I can't get a picture.  It was one of the first facial expressions she had after she was born.

-Gwen's hair.  I love it.  That is all.


DSC 0496blog


-Also, I'm having way too much fun with headbands.


IMG 0533blog


-She eats more often than Wyatt did as a newborn, in general.  Wyatt used to eat a lot at a time, and she eats less and more often, even though I try to make sure she's good and full before I let her sleep.  But when she's done, she's done.  When she decides she's finished she'll press her little lips together and won't open them for anything.

-We had Gwen sleeping in the cradle in our room up until she turned two weeks, but since her nighttime feedings have become more predictable we decided to try putting her in her crib in the kids' room the other night.  I was more worried about how Wyatt would do, whether it would startle him when she started crying in the middle of the night - but he slept straight through, and Gwen seemed to fall asleep quicker in that room too.  I kept her in our room again after her 5:00 AM feeding so that Wyatt could sleep in to his normal time, and it seemed to work well - crossing my fingers that it keeps going smoothly!


Another week and a half and my girl will be a whole month old - sheesh!  I'm planning on doing monthly updates for the first year, like I did with Wyatt, so keep an eye out!

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Rachael said...

Two weeks already? Oh wow!
Callie, you're all looking good! I love the headbands
(my Mum is due with baby #10 in about 5 weeks, and I so want to do the headband thing if it's a girl... but Mum's not keen!) :(
Our current youngest is 2yrs, and he's so keen for the baby! We are washing up all the clothes and blankets, and he is digging out baby toys in the boxes, and always trying to talk to the baby.
I'm sure, like Wyatt, he'll be an awesome big brother!
xo Rachael

Emily Powell said...

Love the second picture. So funny. And yes, girls and their bows are just TOO much fun!

Anne said...

Eeek! She is so tiny and cute! So glad to hear that things are going well :)

Mrs. G said...

Isn't the "o" expression the best? My daughter did that all the time when she was a newborn. I'm so glad you can experience the cuteness with Gwen.

Andrea @ The Dawley Fam said...

oh my goodness, what a cutie! And yay for bows! So glad she is down to a few nighttime feedings, I know that's good for her and you both! Wyatt seems like such a precious big brother!

Wendy said...

She is a doll! And what a good big brother your little guy is. The picture of him with his hand on her in the shopping cart is just precious!! I can't believe she is almost a month old. Time sure does fly, doesn't it?

Brittney Galloway said...

Beautiful pictures! I can't believe she is already 2 weeks old!

Lauren said...

she's so precious! I can't hardly believe how tiny she was Elyse ever that small?!?

And i'm so glad she's starting to get the sleeping thing figured's amazing what 4-5 continuous hours can do for your soul!

Amanda said...

She is so sweet!!! And Wyatt's attentiveness is such a blessing. All the pics are precious!!!

Emily said...

That pic of Wyatt and Gwen in the cart just melts my heart! Seeing all these pictures makes me so excited to meet our little Liam in June! :)

Jodi said...

She is such a pretty girl. Glad things are going well for you and your family. Love all the pictures!

Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary said...

Gwen is so sweet! I love love love the shopping cart photo and the one that Wyatt is patting her on the back. What a great big brother he is already! Love that he's doing ok with them sharing the room and sleeping through her crying at night--that's got to be such a great feeling.

PS--LOVE that little pink bow!

Melanie said...

She is sooooo sweet Callie! Loved all the pictures..gosh gotta love a newborn and those "coo's"..melt my heart!! And he's really got the big brother thing down! So sweet that he was keeping watch over her on the outting you had with your mom!

Meghan said...

I can't believe she's already sleeping those 4-5 hr. stretches and that she's adjusted to her little crib! You're a rock star. I'm going to have to bookmark all of these posts for advice when I need it in a few months. :) Gwen is just adorable! Makes me so excited to see Donovan as a big brother. The picture of the kiddos shopping melted my heart!

Paula @ Beauty Through Imperfection said...

so sweet! the time goes by so much faster the second time around doesn't it?!?!?

Brittney said...

What a cutie-pie!

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