6/52 - My Little Sock Monkeys

One of my best blog friends, Amanda from A Sweet Serenity (who I am determined to meet someday!), surprised me this week by sending a package for Wyatt and Gwen!  

DSC 0582blog

Amanda is so talented, and she sent us beautiful hooded bath towels that were embroidered with Wyatt and Gwen's initials, and knitted sock monkey hats!  

DSC 0584blog

I was so touched that she would send such a thoughtful gift, so impressed with the quality of the pieces (you need to open an Etsy shop, Amanda!), and so excited to put the hats on my kiddos!  

So without further ado - my little sock monkeys. . .

DSC 0632blog

DSC 0638blog

I love, love, love that they can match now with their adorable sock monkey hats!  So cute!  

DSC 0604blog

Wyatt definitely likes his hat - it's one of the few hats he will keep on his head for longer than two minutes.  And Gwen must like hers, because she didn't object!

DSC 0619blog

DSC 0620blog

Thank you so much Amanda!  I love them!  

I'm currently making plans for a matching towel picture too when we go to the pool this summer, so stay tuned . . .
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Emily Powell said...

oh my goodness! what a precious gift! LOVE it!

Veronica and Daniel said...

HOW ADORABLE! She totally needs to open a shop...and do the hats come in grown up sizes ;) My parents had a sock monkey as their "first child" and 30 years later Herman (that is his name) sometimes still makes it into family pictures! So sock monkeys have a special place in our family's heart :)

Amanda said...

Callie, how you flatter me! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them in their hats! And the fact that you put Gwen in a coordinating outfit is to die for! I think my baby fever just went up a few degrees :) Thanks for being such an amazing friend!

Brittney said...

Oh those are absolutely adorable!!!

Kayla Rae said...

Adorable! She is talented!~

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