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So, it's been a while since I updated the sidebar poll!  A couple months ago I asked you all when you start listening to Christmas music.  Here is how the results break down:
All year 'round! Am I supposed to stop?
  5 (11%)
Whenever I start to feel "Christmas-y", usually in the fall.
  12 (27%)
Not until after October 31st.
  6 (13%)
After Thanksgiving, and no earlier!
  19 (44%)
I'm not really a Christmas music person.
  1 (2%)


Votes so far: 43 
Poll closed
Overall, there were more of you who listened to Christmas music before Thanksgiving, but I was surprised by how many of you are strict not-until-after-Thanksgiving people!  I tend to listen to Christmas music whenever I feel like it in the fall, but I usually at least try to push it off until after October 31st - and then I only listen to generic Christmas music, and I save my favorites until after Thanksgiving.  That's just me.  
And you non-Christmas music people . . . I don't even know what to say . . . what do you listen to in December?  I am flabbergasted.
Anyway . . . new question!  I think I may have asked this before, but it was a long time ago, so I'm asking again.  How long have you been reading this blog?  Vote to the left.
Okay, so it's been a long time since I hopped on Top Baby Blogs  I'm not sure what made me think of it the other day, but I went to check it out again, and . . . I'm off the board.  I must have missed the last stat reset.  
I really don't mention it here because I want to be the top blog or anything (I'm realistic - it ain't happening, and I don't mind) - and I think it's annoying when people ask for votes too often.  But I've met some great blog friends through Top Baby Blogs, so I'd at least like to be listed.  
I think I need three votes to show up on the board?  So, if its not too much trouble, would you mind clicking through and voting for me?  

Vote For Us @!

Gracias!  And let me know in the comments if you are on TBB, because I'll toodle on over and vote for you too!
And just because - I bought some mint skinny jeans the other day!  I've been eyeing them for a long time, but obviously I wasn't going to buy any last year while pregnant.  But since I'm not pregnant anymore, I searched high and low and found some that I like here!  They fit nicely.  
When I finally get a chance to wear them I'll post a picture, but for now I've been looking at how I would want to style them, and I realized I really like this whole chiffon, flowy, relaxed blouse trend this year.  At least it's a trend on Forever 21.  
These wouldn't all necessarily go with my mint skinnies, but here are a few that I like:
45309487 05

43973554 06

30186732 08
25101600 03
Cute, no?  And mostly items that would hide the post-baby bulge nicely.

Do you own any colored skinny jeans?

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Amanda said...

I clicked through all the blogs on Top Baby Blogs and didn't find yours? Maybe I just missed it? Help, please! And I've been meaning to ask, where did you find a lot of your maternity tops? I especially loved the white-to-aqua ombre top that you wore in a lot of your pictures.

Lauren said...

love those tops! I'm thinking I definitely need a pair of mint skinnies to add to my collection...where did you find yours?!?

Jessica said...

I love colored skinny jeans! I bought a pair of bright red ones before I got pregnant, and wore them twice. Looks like I'll have to wait awhile before I can wear them again! haha...Can't wait to see your mint skinnies!

Alli said...

I have red skinny jeans and I love them! I want more though. Hopefully once I lose some baby weight, I can go out and get some more!

Brittney said...

CUTE tops! Love seeing posts like this because I'm terrible at keeping up with fashion (am mostly a Target/online shopper) - so thank you for the great ideas! I am with you on the Christmas music, love it and can't get enough of it! And for the record I love polls and never ever find them annoying:) Also I've been reading your blog for at least a year. It is adorable and interesting!

blessingsandlilacs said...

I have a bunch of colored skinny jeans! I have some maroon and minty turquoise from F21 and a pair of purple (that I can only break out so often at my age ;)!

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