Me - Postpartum, Round Two

 Stretch marks?  Check.

Stretched out belly skin?  Check.

Linea nigra and baby weight that just won't go completely away?  Check, Check.

Sweet baby to snuggle?  Check, Check, Check!  

And she makes it all worth it!

This week I had my postpartum check up with my doctor, so I thought it would be a good time to write a little post-baby update on me.  If for nothing else than my own records.  I find myself trying to remember where I was at this point after having Wyatt, how much weight I had lost, how I felt, etc., so I thought it would be good to record it after Gwen too.

DSC 1248blog

Recovery was actually a lot smoother after Gwen than it was with Wyatt - I didn't tear quite as much, and I didn't have all the added complications/yuckiness that comes with pre-eclampsia this time.  I felt pretty much back to normal within a few days of giving birth, which was a huge blessing!

We also got the hang of nursing a lot quicker this time, I think because I knew what was not supposed to happen based on my experience with Wyatt - so instead of letting it get really bad before seeking help, we corrected our issues within the first week, and it's been pretty smooth sailing.  I'm so glad, because with Wyatt we didn't really get the hang of it until he was about a month old, and it added a lot of stress to any outing where I'd have to feed him in public those first few weeks.


Overall, the weight has taken a bit longer to come off this time though.  With Wyatt I do remember that I was back at my pre-pregnancy weight by the two week mark - I haven't kept as close tabs on it this time, but at two weeks I did have a good five pounds to go. I  know that now I am now down to within a couple pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight, which I'm pretty happy with.

IMG 0524blog

This was me at about two weeks postpartum.  

And for comparison . . .

DSC 0334blog

This is one of the more flattering pictures of me the day after having Gwen.  

See, it went down pretty fast.  To all you pregnant people - it's normal to leave the hospital looking pregnant!  Don't freak out.  Public service announcement of the day.


I actually feel like I look thicker around the middle now than at two weeks, weirdly enough.  I always feel the best about my post-baby body when I'm two weeks postpartum, for some reason, and it goes downhill from there.  I was reading through some old posts and I have proof that I went through this same thought process with Wyatt.  It's probably just in my head.  My jeans say I'm skinnier now, so I guess that's what counts, right?

I'm feeling a lot more "gushy" this time than I remember feeling with Wyatt, even though according to my records my stomach is measuring an inch smaller than it was with Wyatt at this point.  But I feel chubbier than I remember feeling last time.  Go figure.

I attribute the gushy feeling largely to the fact that this time I'm on Lovenox injections.  Do you all remember that blood clot I had two years ago, after my knee surgery?  Well, because I have a history of deep vein thrombosis now, I have to be on blood thinners postpartum - you are more likely to get blood clots in your legs after having a baby, just because of all the hormonal changes, so I'm on it preventatively.

DSC 0741blog

Lovenox comes in separate little syringes for each dose, and every night I have to swab off my stomach with some rubbing alcohol, pinch some of my belly fat to the right or left of my belly button, and give myself the injection.  

I end up having a lot of little pinpoint bruises all over my stomach at any specific time, and I firmly believe it makes my skin puffy - which in turn makes my whole stomach  area look puffier, and makes me feel flubbery and chubby.  I remember feeling this same way when I was on the shots the first time, so I'm hoping my stomach skin will shrink back down quicker once I'm no longer pumping fluid into it every 24 hours.  My last shot is today, thank goodness!

DSC 0743blog

(Yes, that sharps container is way overloaded, which is a no-no - I'm not too worried about a surprise safety inspection at my house though.)

I've been doing workout videos since a couple weeks postpartum, so aside from the puffy skin issue, I feel pretty good.  I've noticed that my knees have started to bother me when I work out though, so I'm going to dial it back a bit and maybe do more low-impact stuff for a little while  - I don't want a repeat of that knee fiasco that happened when Wyatt was 2 months old.  I have been told by my orthopedic surgeon that I have "loose joints" anyway, and pregnancy and postpartum hormones just make your joints even "looser", so I figure I better not push it.

I can fit into most of my pre-pregnancy jeans, except for a few of my "skinniest" pairs - but I'm not worrying about it yet.  I think I'll fit back into it within a couple more months, probably, as long as I don't over-do it on the sugar intake.

DSC 0220blog

So generally, I'm doing great, and I'm just looking forward to getting off these stupid shots and hopefully letting my stomach skin heal up!  I also went shopping the other week, and bought some new skinny jeans and tops - post-baby shopping trips are so fun!  Nothing else better to make you feel put together than some flattering new outfits (because let's face it, your old clothes just don't fit the same until several months postpartum)!

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Emily said...

great post! thank you for being so real and honest...i'm sure i will appreciate reading this again once i'm postpartum!

Mrs. G said...

You look great, Callie. And I agree, going clothes shopping postpartum is fun, and so is getting your hair done.

Anonymous said...

You look awesome!!! And she is such a doll (:

Unknown said...

You look so good! However I totally understand that it is more how you feel about how you look that affects you more than how you actually look :-) I wish I had documented this process more with Hudson but if we are blessed with another one I will be sure to (if I ever get back into blogging!) keep up the good work, you look amazing!

Amanda said...

You look amazing! Great honest post!

Jenna said...

You are crazy skinny. And 2 weeks postpartum, well that's just insane! You're very lucky that you lose your baby weight so quickly and easily!

Rachael said...

You are looking so good Callie! :) Every time you post, I'm amazed at how bit that Wyatt boy is getting!
And hey, did you find a package in your letterbox from Down Under yet? xo

Melanie said... look amazing!!!! Love your yellow sweater..that color looks great on you!

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