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I have a feeling this is going to be a slow blogging week - I've got a fairly large to-do list to tackle!  I started off this morning by crossing one off the list though - I mailed out Gwen's birth announcements!  I feel so accomplished I might just be lazy the rest of the day and watch Trouble With The Curve (from Redbox).  It's the little things.

Anyway, I have several movie-related things running through my head, so bullet points it is.

-We rented Here Comes The Boom from Redbox this weekend, and Derek and I loved it!  It was a good movie.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but the story was good, it was humorous, and there were several positive elements too - like one of the characters talking about the story of Jacob wrestling God in Genesis, and the group praying before the final match.  I was wishing we had supported it by seeing it in the theaters!

Here Comes the Boom 3

-Speaking of movies and theaters, for the first time in my life I watched the Oscars.  Well, part of the Oscars.  I watched the red carpet coverage.  Did anyone else think Amy Adams looked so sad in her interviews? I don't know what her personality is like normally, but I like her as an actress, so I felt concerned.  Her dress was pretty though.

2013Oscars AmyAdams2

And also, I could not take that host - the Seth McFarlane guy.  He bothers me.  I was offended by the joke about Lincoln's assassination.  I don't care if it's been 150 years, it's never going to be appropriate to joke about that.  I get the feeling he was trying to offend people though.  I changed the channel shortly after, so I don't know what other inappropriate things he said, but I am not a fan.

Some movie called Argo won Best Film.  I haven't seen it.  In fact, I didn't see the majority of the movies they talked about last night.  I'm more of a kid's movie fan myself . . . why did I hear nothing about Wreck It Ralph (unless I missed it, since I changed the channel)?  That was the last movie I saw in the theaters.  No, wait, it was The Hobbit.  That was a good movie too (though not a kid's movie - hey!).

Overall, I sat down and watched the first half hour of the Oscars and laughed, because it's basically all these movie people getting together and patting themselves on the back, and telling each other how great they are.  And from someone who doesn't think most of Hollywood is that great these days, it struck me as funny!

Though someone should tell me what that Oscar mystery object was, because that's the only thing I missed that I'm curious about.

This concludes my thoughts on the Oscars.

-I find it funny that the Fonz in Happy Days was supposed to be this really cool guy, and yet the guy who played him was named Henry Winkler.  I like the name Henry Winkler, but I think Fonzie would have thought he was too cool for a normal name like that.  In fact, there probably could have been a whole episode with that plot, like the Full House episode where Jesse tries to hide the fact that his real name is Melvin, or Marvin, or something like that. Oh, the irony.

220px Henry Winkler Fonzie 1977

Disclaimer: I happen to like all of the names mentioned above - they are good, strong names! In fact Henry is a family name on my side, and I like it a lot.  I'm talking about fictional character's opinions of the aforementioned names only.  

What does this have to do with the previous two points?  Well, Henry Winkler played a music teacher in Here Comes The Boom.  Other than that, absolutely nothing.  It's just been on my mind.

-I clearly prefer movies aimed at children and/or older TV shows to most of the junk they make today.

Okay, that's it.  Glad I got that off my chest.
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Veronica and Daniel said...

We LOVED Here Comes The Boom! We rented it from RedBox, but I think I may buy it for Daniel someday - he pretty much laughed the whole movie :) I just watched some of the "best moments" of the oscars on-line today. There were some good performances! But it is just to long to watch the whole thing...

Jennifer R said...

I loved the movie Here comes the boom! Great movie! :)

Brittney said...

Thanks for the movie recommendation - I'm always looking for good Christian movies! I actually hadn't heard of 'Here Comes the Boom.' I too watched bits and pieces of the Oscars last night though I didn't see most of the movies either. I could go either way with watching awards shows - I'm not really interested in them. And I am with you on not being impressed with most of today's shows/movies/Hollywood, etc. I'd much rather see pieces aimed at honoring God than much of the filth that's out there right now.

Jenna said...

The Oscar mystery was Dorothy's ruby slippers :)

Melanie said...

I saw when that movie "Here comes the Boom" came out..I figured it would be..I dont know..one that made fun of biblical characters?? Good to know its worth seeing since we never did!! I actually didnt get to watch the oscars..but did catch a little bit of one of the after shows (where they show the dresses,etc)..loved Jennifer Lawerence's dress!! Amy Adams' looks pretty too (though this is the first time I saw it!)..I get a kick out of celebs too..like they think how great one another is. Pish posh!

Kate Craig said...

I've never heard of that movie, but I think Kevin James is funny! I usually don't like comedies but I LOVED Hitch.

I don't think the Oscars is a crazy thing, I think in every career field it's nice to have goals, rewards, and acknowledgements. I think we tend to criticism them because everything in their lives is so blown out of proportion. But I have to believe that some of them just really love acting and the fame and money is just what comes along with the career they love.

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

I just loved Here Comes The Boom! Kevin James is just too funny. Plus, the overall them was great. :)

I didn't watch the Oscars. If I were being honest...I never have! But, I love Amy Adams as an actress too. Her dress is so pretty.

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