The Elephant Photos

Alternatively titled "Futile Attempts To Take Pictures Of My Toddler".

So, you know those pictures I do with Wyatt and his elephant?  They usually turn out so well because I bring in reinforcements, ie. Derek, to distract Wyatt from the camera and get him to look in the right spot.  It always works like a charm, because Wyatt thinks Derek is hilarious!  

However, last week on Wyatt's actual birthday Derek wasn't going to be home all day long.  Every time I've taken Wyatt's elephant pictures I've remembered to do it on the actual day he turns a month or year older, and I didn't want to break my streak - I was determined to take the pictures myself on his actual 2nd birthday.  Surely it could be that hard to get a smile out of him, right?

Oh, my friends, it was.  Not only was it hard to get him to smile, it was nearly impossible to get him to sit still.  So, I give you the attempt to take Wyatt's elephant pictures . . .

DSC 0800editblog

Was he sticking his tongue out at me here?  

DSC 0801editblog

DSC 0802editblog

He decided it would be fun to grab his elephant and throw it - and he looked pretty happy with himself afterward.

I gathered it back up and we tried it again.

DSC 0806editblog

He kept wondering why we couldn't bring the rest of his stuffed animals down from the net.

DSC 0807editblog

Poor kid was tired, so I at least got a few sleepy shots.  The one above is probably the best picture for size comparison that I got.

DSC 0808editblog

Mischevious?  Yes.

DSC 0811editblog

A boy and his blanket. 

DSC 0818editblog

He's being so nice to the elephant, patting him on the head. 

DSC 0821editblog

DSC 0824editblog

DSC 0825editblog

DSC 0830editblog

Let's put him on the shelf, why don't we?

DSC 0831editblog

DSC 0832editblog

My attempt to slow Wyatt down - I put him in the rocking chair.  That lasted about 2.5 seconds.

DSC 0833editblog

Back on the shelf, and he walked away.

DSC 0835editblog

I set the elephant on the floor and Wyatt came to pick him up.  I thought I had found the right trick to get a good picture! 

DSC 0841editblog

Then it was apparently time to wrestle with the elephant. 

DSC 0844editblog

Not sure what the pouty lip was about here, but that's the exact face Wyatt made when he was born!  He's still got it!

DSC 0848editblog

This is what happens when you are taking so many pictures at once - a good action shot as Wyatt fell down.  Don't worry, he was okay! 

DSC 0849editblog


DSC 0850editblog

Aw, giving the elephant a hug?

DSC 0851editblog

Nope, biting the elephant's head.  Oh boy.

And that was as good as it was going to get.  Oh well.  I actually think these pictures are pretty fun to look at, even if they aren't the normal sit-by-the-elephant-and-smile kind!

And for comparison, here is a brief elephant picture history:

4WeeksOld 3blog

One Month Old.

DSC 0791blog

One Year Old.

DSC 0811editblog

Two Years Old!

My baby is getting so big!
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Emily Powell said...

yes! pictures without dad's help is sometimes totally pointless! I feel ya'!!!

Lauren said...

haha! I love the beginning I was determined to take Elyse's pictures on the "official" day, but sometimes that just didn't work out...and we ended up with a hodge-podge of outtakes! But sometimes those outtakes are the best!

LeAnna said...

Two is SUCH a hard age to photograph! Sprig is a pill about it, too. She has that same blanket (the minkey with silky binding) in pink and it MUST be in her bed at night and naptime. It's the grungiest thing, no matter how many times I bleach it. And no other color will do. I've found a purple one, and a white one but she knows which one is pink and that the edge is torn (she likes to stick her finger in the binding...) and WOE be the day it disappears because it is her beloved.

Love the thumb sucking pictures! They are all cute.

Brittney said...

I agree with LeAnna - two IS such a tough age for pictures. We've definitely had our struggles that way, too..I miss the days when my son would sit still and smile on cue! But then again, as you mentioned some of the best pics are the 'action' ones at this age where our babies are on the go. Wyatt is a DOLL - amazing to see how much he's grown!!

Bethany G said...

I loved these! I can't believe how tiny he is in that one month picture and now he is so big!

Hannah said...

I just found your blog. I love the elephant pictures, they are too cute!! I'm trying to do something similar with my new baby boy. You give me hope that it can be done :)

Meghan said...

I love all of these pictures because they truly capture the life of a 2 year old boy. I am dying at the ones of him sucking his thumb. Donovan was never a thumb sucker... I think it is just the cutest thing ever!

Melanie said...

Great pics! I have the same situation trying to take pictures of Makayla anymore..they don't call them toddlers for nothing!! ;-)

Unknown said...

I love all of these pictures!

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