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Today is my first day back at work.  I would lie if I said I wasn't a bit nervous - I haven't had to work since before Christmas, so it's been a good three months since I've cleaned any teeth!  Thankfully I think I have some of my favorite patients scheduled, which always makes the day go by quicker. I'm a little nervous about leaving Gwen for a whole day, but it's just one day a week.  And the kids are with my mom.  So I can't complain!


DSC 1152blog


I bought spiffy new work shoes for the occasion!  Fun, right?  No where else could I pull off pink and purple shoes.  

Well, I could, but I like them best for work.  

It's been a couple years since I bought fresh work shoes, and the other ones were looking really grungy - these make me feel all professional again (and I'm sure my coworkers will breath a sigh of relief that the old shoes are gone)!

 Anyway, in honor of my first day back, I give you . . .


Things A Dental Hygienist Says 8 Times A Day

-Hi, how are you doing?  I'm doing well!

-We'll be right back here.  I'll let you have a seat there.

-Okay, any changes in your health history?  Are you taking any medications?  Do you have any allergies?

-Well, it looks like we're due for some new x-rays, so we'll probably start with those if that's okay with you. (Give or take a few times a day, not everyone is due for radiographs).

-Alright, I'm just going to start with measuring the bone levels around your teeth.

-How often do you usually floss?  (Insert flossing lecture and/or tips on flossing and brushing technique.)

-Alright, I'll just make a few notes and then I'll let Dr. Wilbert know we're ready. (I just made up Dr. Wilbert, that's not my boss's name.)

-Would you like to schedule your next cleaning?

-Let me get you a toothbrush and I'll walk you up front.

-Alright, I'll see you again in 6 months! (Or whatever schedule they're on.)


There, I feel back in practice now!  Obviously there is a lot more personalized instruction and patient education in there, but that's the bare bones of it.  Rinse and repeat, eight times a day!  Unless I get to do a more involved cleaning, then it breaks it up a bit.


DSC 1149blog

Me and my favorite pair of scrubs.


Honestly though, I love my job.  I like having a routine, but there is still enough of a variety in the patients we see that it keeps it interesting!  I'm excited to be back at it.

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Lauren said...

good luck girl! and those shoes would make any girl's day happier!

Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary said...

Hope your first day back went well! Haha I was cracking up over your things we say everyday :) so true!

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