Gwendolyn At Three Months

It's time for Gwendolyn's three month update!  That's a quarter of a year old already!  After this month babies start to seem so much older to me.  I can't believe we are already here.


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At Gwen's two month checkup we found out that she was 11 pounds, 14.5 ounces (57%), and I'm sure she's gained a little since then.  She was also 23 1/4 inches long (76%)!  She's in size 1 diapers, and we just started using cloth diapers this week.  She's in 0-3 month clothes, but she's starting to outgrow some of those and she's fitting into some 3-6 month stuff - I'm kind of in denial that she's that big already.


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I think during her one month update I mentioned that I thought she might have some food allergies - I thought it was milk, but then she was fine for a month.  However, over the last couple weeks her symptoms came back, and through the process of elimination I figured out that she is sensitive/allergic to milk and peanuts.  I am hoping she'll outgrow this at some point, but for now I have to avoid those foods.  


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I tested out soy too, and thankfully she's not allergic to that, because soy is in everything!  I still need to test out other nuts - if it's just peanuts I might be able to have almond butter or Nutella at least.  But we'll see.  I hate seeing what milk and peanuts do to her, so I'll do whatever I have to do!


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Sleep has been improving steadily and she officially slept through the night for the first time on March 10th!  It was an exciting day.  She has slept through the night many times since.  Not every night, but even on the nights she doesn't she usually goes at least a six hour stretch - I'm so glad she's been sleeping so well!  


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She doesn't fall asleep as easily as Wyatt did - she usually complains to herself for 15 minutes, and then she'll suddenly go straight from talking to sound asleep - it always surprises me!


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We've been doing more tummy time this month, and she's getting better at it, but we have to do pretty short sessions because she gets tired of it pretty quickly.  We did break out the Bumbo though!  She looks like such a big girl sitting in it.


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Still not loving baths, but we've graduated to the big baby bath tub, and if the water is warm she'll at least tolerate it.


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She's been smiling a lot, and I love it!  She is way too cute when she smiles. No official laughing yet, but she does sometimes make a coughing sound when she smiles really big, and we've wondered if she's trying to laugh.  


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She loves it when people talk to her - if you say a sentence to her she'll just light up, and then she usually talks back.  She really likes to have "conversations", and she'll take turns listening and talking - it amazes me!  Wyatt talked a lot at this age, but I don't remember if we had these kind of "conversations".  She loves it when people pay attention to her and take her babbles seriously!


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She has such a sweet personality, and she is such a blessing!


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My Sweet Miss Gwendolyn,

What a joy you are to me!  Your smiles just cheer my heart, and I love our "conversations".  I can't get over how pretty you are, and it makes me laugh, because every time I tell you how beautiful you are you give me a big grin.  I hope you always believe me when I tell you that, Sweet Baby, because it's the truth.  I'm so happy to have you as my daughter!  I can already see what a sweet personality you have, and I am already imagining how much fun we'll have as you get older - talking about everything, having "girl's days" together, painting our nails, shopping.  But for right now you are my sweet baby, and I love snuggling with you.  You are a little heat bug - you are always so warm when I hold you close to me, and I worry you'll get too hot at times, but I can't bear to put you down when you are sleeping so sweetly against my shoulder.  You are so precious to your daddy and me.  I'm so glad the Lord chose me to be your mama.

Love you always,

Your Mama

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Emily Powell said...

LOVE the last few pictures!!!

Shae said...

She is just so pretty! She's really starting to look a little like her big brother, too. Beautiful smile! Love her outfit with the little leggings. Adorable! :)

Unknown said...

aw callie. she's quite pretty and looks very intelligent. =) have you heard about gut flora at all? sometimes babies are intollerant of foods (especially pasturized dairy products) when the flora in their gut is insufficient. just a thought for your sweetie, i added a probiotic to our diet when tsedek was nursing and it helped him with digestion as well as keeping him cold free. =) love your pictures. =) -Angela

Andrea @ The Dawley Fam said...

oh Callie she is just precious! Look at her little baby smiles, so, SO cute! I think Adeline has a sensitivity to milk too. Does it make Gwendolyn have tummy pain? I haven't tried soy, but I bought some the other day but I'm terrified to try it after seeing what milk does to her!

Vanessa Miller said...

I can't believe she is 3 months old already!!! I used to tell my daughter how pretty she was too and she would give me the biggest smile ever!

Lee Ann said...

Your daughter is beautiful!! Your son is a handsome young man, too. You make pretty babies :)

Rachel and John said...

Look at all that pink! She is so cute! William loves eye contact and conversations too!!

Anne said...

Callie! She is getting so big! And she is gorgeous. I love that smile!

Melissa said...

She is SO CUTE, Callie!!! Love her! :)

Meghan said...

I just love all of your little Gwendolyn posts... it makes me so excited to welcome our little baby girl into our family in a few months. She is getting so big so quickly and I'm so relieved to hear that she's sleeping so well already. That gives me hope... I'll have to return to teaching when our little peanut is about 3 1/2 months. :(
What a doll baby she is and I'm loving all of her cute outfits.

Brittney said...

What a beauty!! Her sweet smiles are just precious. Can't believe she's 3 months already!

Lauren said...

oh my goodness...she is absolutely precious! I can't believe that she's already 3 months old! i LOVE her dress that she's wearing in those last few pictures, and the first few as well!

Hannah said...

She is so adorable! What a sweet smile! I love baby smiles :) ...she's sleeping through the night already?! How did you get her to do that? Please share! It is getting exhausting waking every tree hours or so to nurse.

and I can't get over that sweet little face :)

Sarah said...

That smile is the sweetest thing!

Hollie said...

Gwen is getting so big, so fast! How does that happen? And... I absolutely love her sweet dress. Hope you are all doing well.

Melanie said...

She is sooooo sweet..GREAT pictures!! Makayla was looking at this earlier with me and just LOVED looking at little Gwen..she got so excited!! Love her outfits..and recognized one in particular! ;-)

Amber said...

She is just gorgeous!! And that dress is adorable! Can't believe how big she's gotten! What were her allergy symptoms (just out if curiosity to see if they are the same as Charlotte's at all)?

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