Magic Days

I was vaguely aware of a an odd noise as it encroached upon my happy dream.  I wasn't sure what it was, but after a couple minutes it got louder and louder - I slowly came out of dreamland and realized that noise was Gwen crying through the monitor.  

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I was exhausted - it had been a long night, and I had stayed up too late the night before, which is easy to do when Derek isn't home.  Usually I'm up at the slightest noise coming from the monitor, but I must have been sleeping pretty soundly for it to take so long for me to wake up.

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I rolled myself out of bed, opened the door and said good morning to Wyatt, who had been quietly reading on his bed like he does every morning.  I grabbed Gwen and followed Wyatt as he climbed up the stairs and chattered about "dinnah", which is what he's been calling every meal lately.  

The trees were frosted outside the window, and fog was resting low to the ground.  I sat Wyatt down with a handful of cereal and some juice, then I grabbed my nursing cover and settled in to feed Gwen.

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She wasn't crying anymore at this point, but she wouldn't settle down and eat like she normally does.  After several minutes of squirming I peaked at her underneath the cover and teasingly said "You are not eating . . ."

As soon as I spoke her little eyes crinkled, and her face broke into the most beautiful smile.  She hasn't laughed yet, but if she was laughing I'm sure she would have then.  And in that moment I realized something again.

These are magic days.

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Lately I've been struggling with the fact that right now I have nothing going on.  No events to go to, no groups to be a part of, no vacation to plan this year.  It seems like the months are stretching ahead of me with nothing particularly exciting to look forward to.  I'm the kind of girl that likes to have something to look forward to, and I've been discouraged.

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But in the past week or two, a word has been niggling at the back of my mind again.  Treasure.  My word for the year.  I think sometimes when we make goals on things we would like to improve on, the Lord gives us plenty of opportunity to practice.  And I remembered that even though it might not always seem like it while I'm in the midst of it, these moments are precious.

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The way Gwen smiles up at me, with her sweet babbles and happy coos.  The way Wyatt searches me out and grabs my hand, drawing me into his world of toys and crackers and songs.  

DSC 0645blog

DSC 0682blog

DSC 0564blog

This cozy house.  Running errands, sipping a limeade while both my kids snooze in the backseat on the way home.  

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DSC 0470blog

DSC 0792blog

Childlike music playing in the background while I work around the house.  Tripping over toys, washing clothes.  Sinks full of bottles and sippy cups.

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DSC 0697blog

DSC 0687blog

Someday it will all be just a memory, and in retrospect I'll see the magic in it.  How special it all was.

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But I don't want to wait until it's gone to see it.  Because they are magic days.  

Someday I'll want it all back, and I'll long for those days when I had nothing going on.  

When it was just me, at home, with my babies.

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{Photos all taken about a month ago - I'm just now getting around to sharing them.}


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Stephanie said...

Precious pictures, and a beautiful reminder to treasure these special days :)

Emily Powell said...

I had a nice simple day yesterday that reminded me how lucky I really am. I too get caught up in what isn't going on in my life and forget too quickly how much I wanted this life that I have.

Vanessa Miller said...

Aww...such great photos. I have been feeling very nervous about the whole newborn/toddler experience but this helps to put my heart at ease!

Jenna said...

What a sweet post, Callie! I know how you feel... Sometimes the days seem endless and booooooring! If we lived by each other we could keep each other company :) but it's so true, these are days to treasure and we'll be sad when our kids aren't hanging on us anymore.

Random question... Do you always cover while nursing at home? I'm curious why?


Taara said...

Love this! And it's so true, sometimes we really have to work hard to see the magic happening right before our eyes and sometimes it's so easy to see magic in those special (and ordinary) moments. I too have struggled a lot with feeling like I have "nothing else to do" - moving to another country with a foreign language to deal with, and two (soon to be four) kids, but God is also teaching me to treasure this season in my life and make the most of it. Blessings!

Brittney said...

Thank you for such a special reminder:) I agree, this time with our young children is magic! I admire you for taking the time to see all of this and truly reflect while you're 'in the moment'..I've talked to far too many older Moms who wish they'd done that because the time passes in the blink of an eye! Amidst the daily chaos I think it's easy to take it for granted. Anyway thanks again - I'll be trying to appreciate this 'magic' time more too!

Shae said...

I love magic days! Thanks for reminding me to see the beauty in them. :)

the hanzliceks said...

Absolutely precious!! Love this post...thanks for sharing!

Kate Craig said...

I love my quiet days at home! I love how simple they are. Sweet post! the B&W pictures are perfect

Claire said...

Thank you for this Callie. This was just what I needed today. I had one of those SAHM days filled with inconveniences and unexpected setbacks.... but you're so right... these days ARE magic. And the smiles of my little ones and the Love you, Mommy's are worth it. This really blessed me tonight!

Diana Hill said...

I love this post. So sweet and true. I needed this today

Meghan said...

This is my favorite post EVER! It is so true. I feel exhausted just reading about your day... especially the dreaded monitor crying. (I'm not looking forward to that again) but you are absolutely right. Someday we'll long for these days and it's so good to keep perspective on that. Thank you so much for posting this and I love all of these pictures!

Lauren said...

this is beautiful...and so true. I needed this today, and yesterday, and all the days to come.

Sarah said...

Great post, Callie! This is a good reminder to soak it ALL in while we can. This is the most precious time of our lives! This was a good reminder to me on an otherwise "bad" mommy day. :) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

You take the most gorgeous pictures, Callie. I need to learn how to better use my camera! :)

Bethany G said...

I'm over here sobbing! This has really been on my heart lately. My baby is growing so fast.. and even though it can be tiring and stressful. I know for certain that I'm going to want these days back.
Thanks for this post! Just beautiful.

Elisabeth Allen said...

I think this is one of my favourite posts here at "Through Clouded Glass". Thank you so much for sharing your perspective as a young mother. And for sharing adorable pictures too! :)

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