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Just a little blog business today.

First of all, I'm sure many of you have heard the Google is shutting down Google Reader?  And I think Google Friend Connect is going away with it.  I am upset about this, because Google Reader and GFC are how I keep up with all the blogs I follow!  Rats.

I think a lot of people are going to be switching to Bloglovin for following blogs.  I spent part of last night getting myself all set up on Bloglovin.  This post gives some good Google Reader alternatives and explains how to save your subscription list to your computer,  and this post explains how import your subscriptions into Bloglovin if you choose to use it.

I'll probably use Bloglovin - I'm going to check out a few readers and see what I think.  But if you want to follow my blog through Bloglovin, please click here (or any of the other Bloglovin links - can you tell I don't want to lose all of you?)!  Or be sure to add my blog to whatever reader you end up choosing if not Bloglovin!


Note:  If I followed your blog through Reader, I already transferred my subscriptions, so I should show up as a follower of yours on Bloglovin.  

Another note: I just realized that I can't see WHO is following my blog on Bloglovin, only the number of followers I have.  I think this stinks because how am I supposed to connect with new followers?  How annoying!  If you are a new follower, for pity's sake, comment and tell me so I can check out your blog!  

One more note: Actually, upon further inspection, I think if you set up a profile then people can still see that you follow their blog. Am I right? I'm obviously still trying to figure this thing out.


On a different note (ha!), I re-did my blog design.  I was inspired by these two pictures, and I wanted a different look for my header.  I like the way it turned out!  I always feel the need to update my blog look in the spring, and this screams spring and/or summer time to me.


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I originally got these two here, but I have no idea where they originally came from!  If anyone knows, please let me know so I can give proper credit.


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And this one is my favorite, from here.


And time for a new poll question!  The last time I asked how long you all have been following along.  Here are the results:


Just found it!
  18 (26%)
Started reading within the last few months.
  11 (15%)
6+ months.
  6 (8%)
I've been reading for at least a year.
  10 (14%)
I'm a long-time reader! I've been reading for two or more years.
  24 (34%)


Originally there were 72 votes, but it somehow dropped down to 69?  Hmm.  Anyway, I'm glad so many of you have stuck around for so long!  That's encouraging to me.  And to you new readers - yay, I'm glad you are here!

Okay, new question - how do you usually read my blog, or blogs in general?  Vote to the left or comment below.  And while you're at it, for you Google Reader people out there, comment and tell me how you plan to read blogs now that it's going away!  

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Unknown said...

Love the new design and thanks for the heads up on Google reader going!

Rachel said...

I was so sad when I heard about Google reader. Ugh! I'm pinning this so I can work out Blog lovin or an alternative when I have some time. Thanks for all the links!

Laura Anne said...

I absolutely hated google reader when it came out - tried it again a couple of years later because everyone raved about it but just found it very difficult to use.

I used bloglines for years after I left blogger for wordpress, and now I use feedly (which is like the 'apple' pretty version of google reader). I think really that I preferred bloglines for the ease of use. Wordpress is awesome in alerting me to new followers to my blog.

Emily Powell said...

Love your new design!

Melissa said...

Love your new look!

I can't believe it about Google reader! RUDE! LOL. I just found out this morning from reading blogs - everyone is talking about it!

Mrs. G said...

Ah, I was so disappointed to hear about Google Reader this morning. I've heard recommendations for Feedly, so that's what I'm trying out today. If I don't like it, I'll have to check out Bloglovin.

Emily grapes said...

I just saw the notification this morning about reader. I don't get why they'd get rid of it, I really don't! Its such a vital tool w/google. Boggles the mind! I hadn't heard about GFC going away either, though. grrr

I have bloglovin' but rarely use it and not even sure how I'd like it. I did notice yesterday in fact that it sent me an email saying I had a new follower, so I guess they tell you..(?) but maybe I need to scout out new readers. :(
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Rachel and John said...

I use Feedly on my phone to read blogs. You can't comment on it, unless you click "go to website". But I just use the blogger dashboard on my computer. What's wrong with that? I don't know why more people don't use it. Am I missing some new amazing way to read blogs?

Kate Craig said...

I am really going to miss the "next" and "subscribe" buttons in my bookmark bar. Is there something similar to the subscribe button or do you have to open blog lovin and add it?

Lee Ann said...

Hi Callie,

I am a new follower and just started a blog myself. I love how you love Jesus and your family. You are an inspiration for us single gals! Your family is beautiful and I love that you don't post ugly things about people or crude things on your blog. Mine is if you want to check it out.

Lee Ann

Ryan V. said...

I have always gone to my own blog and looked at my sidebar and clicked on my favorite blogs to read. The most recently updated stay near the top so I usually look at those daily! I don't always comment, but I read all of your posts and look at those precious pictures! Plus, I usually read on my phone during nursing or a little before bed, so it makes it harder to leave comments. I could never understand Google reader. Do you just sign up and it emails you each post, or what? Well I guess now that it's going away, my question is, is Bloglovin the same...does it send people's new posts to your email?

Ryan V. said...

ALso, this is off topic a little, but I love your blog design! Do you offer blog design services? I just had mine done about a month or two ago and I'm already tired of it. It's too bold or something. I like your style...just kind of "light and airy" :)

Lauren said...

I was pretty bummed about the downfall of Google Reader, thanks for the Bloglovin heads up...Reader was just so easy for me & my incredibly untechnological self!

Veronica and Daniel said...

I have been exploring Bloglovin as well, since Google Reader is how I also kept up on blogs...and so far I have to say I do like Bloglovin. It was easy to import my list of blogs I follow from Reader and I have been getting an e-mail when someone new starts following me on Bloglovin - are you getting those e-mails? I'm not a big fan of change - still dont like "timeline" on Facebook ;) LOVE the new look. Makes me think of spring!

Rachel said...

I'm not sure if anyone else has already said this but if you go to your main blog page on bloglovin (the one that you get to if you click on the 'follow me' link) if you click on the number of followers it shows you who's following you and you can click through to their blog if they have one.

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