13/52 - Egg Coloring

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We had such fun with egg coloring this year!  Wyatt was so interested in coloring the eggs with crayons, dropping them in the dye, and putting stickers on them - it was fun to watch.  And Gwen just sat there and watched and looked cute!  It was fun.

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Emily Powell said...

so fun! we didn't even try this year with Georgia...don't think it would have gone so well!

Lauren said...

such fun happy pictures! Wyatt looks like he had a great time!

Wendy said...

Precious pictures! What sweet memories you are making! And little sister is getting so big! Hope you and your family had a blessed Resurrection Day celebration!

Kate Craig said...

aw looks really fun! I would be so scared to do it with a two year old!

Veronica and Daniel said...

So fun! Wyatt looks SO concentrated on his eggs and the stickers - so cute :)

Hannah said...

Oh, it looks like you guys had such a great time :)

Melanie said...

Wyatt cracks me up! He looked like he really enjoyed doing the eggs! And Gwen reminds me of Makayla at that age..with those toes spread apart..LOL!! Great pics!

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