15/52 - Hair


This week I wanted to get some pictures of my kids' hair - Wyatt's thick, messy blonde mop, and Gwen's wispy, soft hair with a bald spot in the back.


DSC 1796blog

DSC 1818blog


And I thought I'd throw in a couple smiling pictures for good measure, and just because my kids are so cute!


DSC 1837blog

DSC 1844blog

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Emily Snyder said...

Your kids are so cute! And your daughter is getting so big! I've been reading your blog for the past 6-8 months and I enjoy reading what you post and seeing your adorable kids! I also love your faith in Christ and seeing what a great example you are as a Christian. :)

Sarah said...

I adore the little details - eye lashes, the way baby hair swirls, feet, fat fingers, chubby thighs, cute noses! Your children are beautiful and your photography captures so much! Thank you for sharing!

katie ridings said...

look at all those smiles!! camera ready!!

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