17/52 - Around The House

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Just hanging around the house this week - Gwen started to show an interest in her floor gym, and Wyatt made a phone call to my mom when I wasn't paying attention!

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I love these ones of my kids smiling - sometimes my favorite pictures aren't always technically perfect, but they capture a perfect little moment in time, like the peak of a smile.  And I love them for that.

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Shannon Q. said...

Such sweet smiles! My son had that same floor gym :)

Melanie said...

They are too cute..love those 'gummy' baby smiles! :-)

Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary said...

Omgosh! love those smiles :) So sweet!

Meghan said...

Those great big smiles say it all. Such happy kiddos. Love it!

Kate Craig said...

great smiles!

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