A Few More Easter Pictures


On Easter morning I woke up a little early and put together the kids' Easter baskets.

DSC 1384blog

DSC 1385blog

DSC 1387blog

Wyatt got squirt guns, fruit pouches, a wooden car, his hard boiled egg, and plastic eggs filled with yogurt melts (I figured he'd be getting enough candy later)!  Gwen got her hard boiled egg (even though she won't be eating it!), a rubber ducky, new socks, and plastic eggs for show!

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DSC 1460blog


I bought the kids matching outfits for Easter, and they looked so cute!

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DSC 1429blog

DSC 1456blog

DSC 1439blog

(When Gwen gets happy or excited she'll grab the skirt of whatever dress she's wearing and pull it up to her mouth so all you can see is her smiling eyes - it's so cute!)



DSC 1470blog

Me and my sweet kids!


Derek made us a yummy egg breakfast, and then we headed off to church to celebrate our risen Lord!  After church we went over to my parent's house and they had an egg hunt for Wyatt before our barbecue chicken dinner.

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Wyatt loved hunting for all the eggs once he realized there was candy in them!  He was so cute running around collecting them.


DSC 1550blog

DSC 1552blog

Family pictures.


DSC 1494blog

DSC 1497blog

DSC 1611blog

DSC 1570blog

My mom with Gwen.


DSC 1583blog

Grandpa helping Wyatt open his eggs!


DSC 1622blog

DSC 1620blog

My beautiful children!


It was a lovely Easter, and special - our first Easter as a family of four!

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Emily Powell said...

Love that Gwen's dress covers her chubby little face. She's so cute!

Unknown said...

In love with Gwen's dress Callie!

Lauren said...

so cute! Gwen almost looked scared in some of those Easter basket pictures! and I love the one of her looking at up Wyatt..precious!

Lyndsey said...

How sweet! I love their matching outfits, I'm so doing that next year!

Jodi said...

They are both beautiful and I love their matching outfits. Easter is so much fun and it looks like it was a great one for your family. Glad you had a nice time w/ your family of 4!!! :)

Melanie said...

Love the pictures..Gwen's dress is soooooo cute!!! I love your earrings too! The kids matched so great..you picked out the right outfits!!

Amanda said...

Love Gwen's dress and your family picture! So glad you had a great Easter!

A said...

Your whole family is adorable but Gwen smiling and gumming her dress is just too cute! Love the matching outfits, I want to do something like that when I have kids :)

Felicia said...

Callie, your children are so gorgeous! Gwen's dress is the reason that I want little girls, and I love your outfit too! Beautiful mama you are :)

Elisabeth Allen said...

Your children are beautiful! I was just thinking that it must be four years or so that I've been reading your blog now (since before you were expecting Wyatt) and your children are growing so fast! I say that in a good way. It's a privilege to read your blog and catch a tiny glimpse of the beautiful things God is doing in your life and that of your family as your children grow and become the people they're created to be. Thanks for sharing! :)

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