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I remember back when I was pregnant with Wyatt, the idea of doing a baby registry completely overwhelmed me.  Wedding registries are easy - you grab that little gun and run around the store, shooting all the things that you like.  But registering for a baby?  I didn't know what I needed!  Add to that my compulsion to research my options for every single baby item, and the whole thing was just too much.

Thankfully, at the time one of my blog buddies was pregnant a couple months ahead of me, and she got a list from one of her friends.  I printed it up and took it to my mom, and we came up with a final list of the items that I thought I would need for that first baby.  You can find my original baby registry list here:


(Me and Derek, registering for Wyatt two-ish years ago.)

Two kids later, there are a few adjustments I would make:

-Up the number of dress-up outfits.  By dress-up, I just mean cute little coordinated outfits.  I'm one of those moms that likes to have her kids dressed all snazzy when we go out and about (I just can't resist the little clothes!).  Definitely not necessary, but fun.

-We only used one crib mattress pad, and I would just wash it and replace it in the same day.

-We got away with two crib sheets for Wyatt, and that seemed to work fine.

-We never got a sound machine, and we did fine without it, but this will depend on your baby.

-We never got a crib mobile.  This is mostly just for looks anyway, and I never found one that I liked.

-Don't freak out about getting a high chair: you won't need it for 5-6 months anyway.

-I would add a mirror for your car, so you can see your baby while driving!  It was really disconcerting to not be able to see my itty bitty baby back there on the way home from the hospital.

-Add nursing bra to the list (not sure how I forgot that).

-Add head support cushions for the car seat.  The ones that come with the carseats are usually so flimsy, and it's nice to know your baby's head is supported/held in place with the cushions while you are driving.

-Other items that we got - a Bumbo, a Boppy, and swaddlers.  You don't necessarily need these, per se, but they are so nice to have!


However, if I were to tell you my biggest baby registry tip it would be . . . are you ready?  


Meaning, do not treat your baby registry like your wedding registry - don't just run through the store and register for a bunch of things that look good.  Be strategic.  Take a list.  

It's very tempting to register for every adorable little thing you see, but if you do?  Those unnecessary (albeit cute) little baby items are the things people are going to choose off of your registry, and you'll end up having to buy the things you really need yourself.  

Case in point - my work threw me a baby shower after my main baby shower had already happened.  I received a lot of what I needed at my main baby shower, but there were  a few items left (like a pump, crib bumpers, etc) that I was going to have to buy myself.  I decided to wait though, and at my work shower I ended up receiving every last thing that I still needed!  

And why?  My coworker's informed me that they wanted to go off of my registry, and those things were the only things left on it.  I think they were thinking that they should have gotten more cutesy items, but I was thrilled, because they gave me all the rest of the things I needed before I had my baby!

People are going to buy you little baby hats/outfits/toys whether you register for them or not, because they are fun to buy. If you only register for the things you're really going to need, people will be more likely to buy you things that you need, and this saves you money.

If you are blessed enough to have your friends/relatives throw you a "baby sprinkle" for subsequent babies, you can have more fun and register for more unnecessary items, because you'll probably still have all the things you really need from your first baby.  But for the first kid, it really pays off to show a little bit of restraint and just put the "boring" (is anything for a new baby really boring?) stuff on your registry.

Then after your showers you can take your hard-earned cash and go buy the cute things yourself!


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Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary said...

This is how we treated our registry...kind of. I've registered for tons of toys because I knew people would like buying them, but then I ended up taking a few things back to buy stuff we still needed. We definitely have a few frilly things, but mostly necessity items.

Anonymous said...


Emily Powell said...

I could not have made it without the sound machine or halo swaddle! Those are must haves!!!

Kate Craig said...

That was really considerate of your work friends! I didn't get a ton of registry items because in the town we lived in, only Walmart had baby stuff and it was a mess and hard to find anything. I would also recommend asking the grandmas or your best friend if they wouldn't mind waiting to get their gift until after your showers - that way they can fill in the holes. Our moms did that and it was so nice. I think most people are glad to get something that you really need.

SugarFreeAsh said...

So helpful! Wish I had this list when I did my registry. We LOVED the Miracle Blanket. And I would suggest people NOT register for diapers until they know which ones they like. We ended up with a bunch that didnt fit him well, and had to return them. :)

Kristin said...

Awesome info! I will say that our sound machine/white noise machine is probably my #1 item though! Got Tanner to sleep through the night at 8 weeks and he hasn't stopped since :) Like you said, every baby is different :)

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