Plays, iPads, Etc.

It's been a little while since I did just a general, life-update post, so it's bullet points today!

-On Saturday Derek and I went to see Sense And Sensibility The Musical!  I love going to plays.  Derek goes because he knows I like to go.  I feel like we have to be a little picky about the ones we go to see though, because so many of them are trash these days.  But I really wanted to see this one!  I'm a big Jane Austen fan!  

They did a really nice job with the play, I thought - they focused a little bit more on Mr. and Mrs. Jennings and their relationship than they do in the movie or the book, which I thought was a fun take on the story.  I also really liked the girl they got to play Marianne - she was very emotionally-driven like she was supposed to be, but in a more happy way, which I liked.  It was just good!

DSC 1853blog

DSC 1862blog

(All dressed up for our date.)

Afterward we went out to dinner and then got some blended Chai at a place in the mall.  It was just nice to get out on a date again.  It's been awhile!

-Derek also surprised me and got me an iPad!  I know!  He got a deal with one of his classes and basically got it for super-cheap.  It hasn't come in the mail yet, but I'm waiting with bated breath.  I made the mistake of reading a few blogs on Derek's iPad a couple weeks ago, and I've been pining after one since, but I never expected him to actually buy me one!

-I've been reading like crazy the last few days, because I'm reviewing a few books and I'm trying to finish them and get my reviews up.  They'll probably be on the blog tomorrow.  And now I'm trying to finish a couple of my other books before the next batch of review books comes. It's nice though - I miss reading.  Since January I kind of dropped off on the amount of reading I was doing, but reviewing books gives me a good outside motivator to actually sit down and force myself to relax and read.  

-We are finally all done being sick, I think.  Last week Wyatt and Gwen were both sick and cranky, and pretty much didn't sleep at all, I was not feeling well either, and Derek wasn't here . . . it was just a rough week.  I have high hopes that this week will be easier!  

-I'm cleaning out everyone's clothes today and attempting to reorganize while also keeping my two littles happy.  I think it's the spring cleaning bug.  Wish me luck.

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Amanda said...

Yay for the iPad! My husband has one and I use it a lot too - he says he just needs to get the newest one so I can have his older one - ha! Glad you got to have a date night too :)

Sarah said...

I JUST cleaned out Audrey's clothes and plan on doing Josie's after naps. Guess we both got the spring cleaning bugs. They just go through their clothes SO FAST.

Hannah said...

How fun that you got to see "Sense and Sensability"! I had no idea it was a musical! I love that book. It sounds like such a fun date :)

Melanie said...

I wanted to did you get involved in reviewing books? I've been on a book kick here lately (something I hardly ever do!) would be so great to read books in exchange for a review!! And btw..your looks GREAT!!! :-)

Veronica and Daniel said...

I LOVE live theater as well. Daniel goes with because he knows I like it ;) We have a Christian Youth Theater group in our area that puts on some great shows. Family friendly and the tickets are about the same as going to the movie theater. Hooray for an iPad and spring cleaning! Hope you get a lot done today :) I'm off to finish my book that I am also reviewing!

Jodi said...

Good job hubby! I love my iPad - I need to get a keyboard for it to make commenting on blogs easier!

Meghan said...

LOVE your outfit in this post. You look so beautiful!

Melissa said...

I want an iPad! Love your dress! :)

Lauren said...

I love your outfit! You look gorgeous!

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