Three Things I Love About Derek



Today is week one of my 12 weeks of questions before our five year wedding anniversary!  This week I'm sharing three things I love about Derek (hard to narrow it down, but here we go):





(1) I love that he is kind.  

I always knew I wanted to marry a kind person, and I hit the jackpot with Derek.  

I was reminded of this last weekend - I woke up feeling sicker than I have in years.  My throat was raw, my sinuses were plugged, my chest was congested, I was wheezing, and pretty much my whole face hurt.  

Derek woke up at 6:00 AM and took Wyatt to the store (20 minutes away) to buy me some Mucinex.  Then he came home, called to exchange our tickets to Sense and Sensibility: The Musical (we were supposed to go last weekend, so I was glad he was able to exchange the tickets - so excited!).   He let me sleep in and just brought Gwen to me for feedings.  

Then he decided he needed to go shopping for some new shirts for work, so he packed up both kids and headed out of the house for several hours so that I would have a chance to be lazy, take a bath, blog, and watch Hulu.  Can you say sweet?

He is always trying to think of things to do for me, but what I love is that he isn't just kind to me.  He tips generously.  He takes care of his mom.  He likes to surprise people with gifts, paying for dinner, etc.  He is a kind person - that's just who he is.


(2) I love that he is a spiritual leader for our family.  

A couple weeks ago at church I had to go down to the nursing room to feed Gwen, and I finished right around the time the service ended.  I waited for Derek to come downstairs from the service, and when he did he handed me a pamphlet for our missionary support team, and told me he saw it and thought it would be cool to get involved in that.  I love that he wants to model Jesus's servant attitude for our family.


(3) I love his face.  

I have one good-looking husband.  Enough said.



(Derek and me, Thanksgiving, the year we got married!)

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Kerrie Williams said...

Love it! I'm looking forward to reading the other 11. I love the way you took the questions and are answering them like this! Happy almost anniversary!!

Anne said...

Awww...this is sweet! What a great hubby you have :)

SugarFreeAsh said...

Love this! :)

Kassi said...

Aw! What a sweet idea! Especially to celebrate your anniversary!!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely

Angie said...

Love this! Kindness is such a beautiful quality.

HIS daughter said...

LOL love your third one! :) five years wow! How neat :) Blessings!

Melissa said...

Y'all are cute! And yay for sweet husbands! I am glad i have a kind-hearted one too! :)

Sarah said...

Very sweet post - I hope he reads this!

Brittney said...

Very sweet. Love this post! You both look so young and in love in your picture:)

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