Two Things About Our Relationship





I love that even though we are so different we still think the same on so many different things.  

Derek and I have very different personalities.  I'm a little Type-A; I like to have things planned and organized.  Derek likes to go with the flow.  He's more laid-back and I'm more uptight about things (particularly time management and things like that).  

However, even though we are totally different (opposites attract held true for us), we also think so much alike about issues - our beliefs, how we want to raise our kids, politics.  It crazy to me how many things we agree on, especially considering how different our personalities are!  I think we were definitely meant to be together, because we agree on the important things, and we balance each other out on the personality thing.  

Because let's face it, the world will not end if the kitchen sink is not perfectly clean.  I'm still working on that one.



I love that no matter how big of a disagreement we have, we both know that neither of us will leave.  

We've had some pretty good arguments in our years together so far, including times when one or the other of us has had to leave the house to cool down (Starbucks always works for me).  But  I know that no matter what, we're both in this for the long haul.  And we'll pull through the rough patches, because it's both our desire to grow old together.  That means more than any silly argument.



(Derek and me at a rodeo, January 2009)

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Allison said...

ya'll are such a cute couple! i love this post idea-).

Emily Powell said...

love this and your new family pic up top!

Melanie said...

I can relate!!!!! I'm like you (type A) and Damon is like Derek (totally laid back)..and why on earth is it we think the kitchen sink has to be clean..all..the..time?! I feel like I'm constanly going in there and wiping it down in the evenings!

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