19-20/52 - Morning and Goofing Off

19/52 - First Thing In The Morning

DSC 3014editblog

I open my eyes and see Gwen.

DSC 3040blog

I go in Wyatt's room and catch him reading his books.

DSC 3081blog

This is just a random, cute picture of my kiddos watching a Praise Baby together.

20/52 - Goofing Off

DSC 3261blog

Miss Gwen learned to roll over from her back to her stomach this week!

DSC 3284blog

Mr. Wyatt playing with his cars and looking mischievous.  My boy is growing so fast.
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Meghan said...

So sweet! I think Gwen looks so much like Wyatt in the first picture! And I am in love with Wyatt and his little blankie. That is so darn cute!

Andee Flynn said...

What adorable pics Callie! Just seeing your little ones grow is so exciting.-and inspiring as this little one grows in my belly :) I just love seeing your life and sharing in little moments like these with you!

Melanie said...

Great pics!!

Brittney said...

Aww, so fun. Mornings are my favorite:)

Holly said...

My daughter has that sleeper too. It's too cute!

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