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I have a really hard time picking a favorite anything, much less a favorite memory - I'm blessed that there are a lot of favorites to choose from!

Some of my favorites are obviously the big moments in our life together - our wedding, honeymoon, finding out we were pregnant both times, the births of our children.  

But when I first read "favorite memory", the picture that first popped into my head were some of our dates, specifically the dates where we didn't have a plan.  Which is funny, because I am a planner by nature.  But I vividly remember those times when Derek picked me up for a date, and we just drove without really knowing where we were going.  

One time we went to trail outside of town and just walked around - then we decided to go to a movie and bought tickets to see Ocean's Thirteen.  But when Derek found out I hadn't even seen Ocean's Eleven we got vouchers to use our tickets a different time, went to the store, and bought the first movie to watch instead.   

We drove up north to hang out at a gathering at Derek's church once, but we couldn't find the park and never made it to place - we just went to Dairy Queen and got blizzards instead.  

And then of course, there was that time that we spontaneously ended up going skydiving.  

These dates were completely un-organized and random, which I didn't think was my style, but looking back I have fond memories of  all  those dates. The times where we didn't have a plan.  I think sometimes I need to loosen up and not plan more - just jump in a car with Derek and see where it takes us.

I especially remember on one of those early dates we went out for Mexican food.  When we walked out with our boxes of food Derek accidentally spilled some red chili on my white sweater.  

He'd probably be embarrassed if he knew I was writing about this, but that moment sticks out in my memory.   He was upset he had spilled on my sweater, but I found the whole thing endearing, and it made me like Derek even more.  

I'm clumsy, and half the time I don't know what to say, and half the time I feel awkward.  I couldn't be with someone who never had a clumsy moment.  Can you imagine living with someone like that?  I can't.  I need someone like me. I need Derek.

I think what ties all these memories together is the fact that they weren't perfect.  Our plans got foiled - we wasted time.  We nearly ruined a white sweater.  And I love that things aren't always "picture perfect" on our dates, or in our life together since.  

I like real.  Real is my perfect, and it's why Derek is perfect for me.  He helps me remember that reality isn't perfect, but it doesn't have to be perfect to be fun.  

To be perfect for us.


(Our first anniversary, 2009.)

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Unknown said...

Beautiful memories!

Unknown said...

So sweet!

Veronica and Daniel said...

I like real too :) Some of my favorite memories are just doing nothing and spending time together. I love reading these! Can't wait till next week!!

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