Gwendolyn At Five Months

 My baby girl is five months old!

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Miss G has been up to a lot this month!  

On May 2nd she found her feet - she was sitting in her Bumbo and stared at her feet and she kept trying to reach and touch them. Since then  her favorite thing to do when she's laying down is bend at her waist and grab her feet.

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On May 3rd Gwen rolled from her stomach to her back!

On May 12th (Mother's Day), Gwen rolled from her back to her stomach.

She's started to get really interested in toys this month, and she'll grab for them now.

She's also gotten a lot better at sitting up by herself - she's starting to get more stable.  We've been practicing because I'm hoping to have her sitting up well before her six month session at the end of June!

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I haven't measured her again, but at her four month appointment we found out Miss Gwen is in the 99.8% for height!  I was shocked, but in a good way!  I can't believe she's so tall.  I'm curious to see if she slows down or stays in the higher percentiles for height.  She's in size 2 diapers and can now fit into some of her size 2 shoes.  She's in 3-6 month clothes, but probably not for long - she fits in some of her 9 month clothes, so it just depends on the brand!

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She's been really moving around and rolling a lot this month!  She loves to grab her feet, and I catch her studying her fingers all the time.  She has started to suck on her index finger occasionally, mostly when she's hungry, but it's cute.  And as I mentioned, we're working on sitting up!  Her favorite thing to do is still to blow raspberries, but she's also really been getting into her toys.  I put her in her exersaucer this month, and she looks really intently and grabs at all her toys on it.

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She is still nursing exclusively, but I'm thinking we'll start in on some rice cereal in the next couple weeks.  I know the pediatrician says wait until 6 months for solids, but I think 5 months is fine for rice cereal.  I'm curious to see what she thinks!  I'm also puzzled by the dairy allergy thing.  I had pretty much determined that she was allergic to dairy, but I decided to test out processed dairy (like butter baked into things or powdered milk), and she didn't seem to have a reaction - then I tried fresh dairy this past week and she hasn't had a reaction to that yet.  So now I'm just waiting to see what happens.  It would be great if she wasn't allergic to dairy, because we'll probably start supplementing with some formula before she turns a year old, and it would be nice not to have to buy the hydrolyzed protein formula - that stuff is expensive!

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I have to say, it's been rough.  I just don't know what happened - she was sleeping through the night and then right before she turned four months old she stopped.  I figured it was just a growth spurt, but she still isn't sleeping well - sometimes she'll wake up every couple hours at night, and that hasn't happened since she was a newborn!  

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I think part of the sleep problem is more me than her though.  Sometimes she'll wake up, and I don't think she's really hungry, but she is noisy, so I rush in the room to make sure she doesn't wake up Wyatt - and then I end up having to feed her, even though I know she could sleep longer.  This past week we've taken that out of the equation because we moved her into her own room!  Pictures to come, but her first night in the new room she went a good four hours between feedings, which is better than it's been in the last week or two, so I'm hoping we're getting on the right track.  Needless to say, our next baby will not be sharing a room with Wyatt or Gwen!

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Big Brother/Little Sister

Wyatt and Gwen are still getting along very well, and the cutest thing this month is that Wyatt has been doing things trying to make Gwen laugh - the other day he started blowing raspberries at her, and she was cracking up!  It was so cute.  Also, we were in the car and Gwen started crying, and Wyatt said, very matter-of-factly "Gwen, it's okay.  It's okay, Gwen, it's alright.  You're fine, Gwen."  It was so funny and cute!  He stopped being concerned when she cries a long time ago, but I think it's nice that he still tries to tell her it's okay.

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This month I've been seeing a lot of similarities in Gwen and Wyatt's personality as a baby.  They are both so smiley, and Gwen is a pretty easy baby, just like Wyatt.  You can lay her down anywhere, and as long as she can see us, she's happy. I'm always getting comments about how easy-going my kids are, and I don't take it for granted!   She also doesn't like sudden noises/movements, and Wyatt didn't either as a baby.  I'm not sure I mentioned this, but a couple months ago she cried during peek-a-boo because the sudden movement scared her! It was so sad - cute, but sad!  If things get too chaotic she gets overwhelmed too, just like Wyatt.  I think it'll be interesting to see more similarities and differences as she grows!

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The other day I was saying "I love you" to Gwen really fast, and she was laughing and laughing.  Wyatt was in the other room, but when he heard me he started calling out "I love you!" back to me, so I said "I love you more!" back to him, and he said it back to me, and Gwen kept laughing.  And back and forth the I-love-you's and baby giggles went.  It was one of those perfect motherhood moments.


Gwen has the sweetest little personality.  She smiles all the time.  It takes a little bit to get her to laugh, but when she does it's so cute - it's this little belly laugh, and I love it!  She laughs when I kiss her tummy - I think she's ticklish.  She loves kisses - if you kiss her face she'll  squint her eyes until they are almost closed, and give a huge, open-mouthed smile, then she just flutters her eyes  and smiles and waits for you to kiss her again.  Even when she's crying, when you pick her up she'll give a little smile through her tears, and it's so sweet.  She is so precious.

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(Pictures from my first Mother's Day with Gwen on the outside.  Last Mother's Day we were just telling our families that we were expecting her!)


My Precious Gwen Girl,

My sweet girl, you'e changed so much this month!  You are no longer the squishy little infant - you are a rolling, playing, laughing baby!  

I'm having so much fun watching you grow, and I love all the ways you've been interacting with us this month.  I love how you wave your arms (your entire arm) all around when you get excited.  I love the way you close you're eyes and give a big, gummy, open mouth grin when we give you kisses.  I love how you still grab onto my hair so tight while you're eating.  

love how suck so hard on my arm or hand when you are hungry.  I love how when I bring you into bed to feed you in the middle of the night, you bend at your waist, swing your legs up, and roll over toward me, and you sleep so soundly when you are snuggled next to me.  I love how I still have to remind you that you have to take your fingers out of your mouth to eat.  I love watching you study your toys so seriously.  I love watching you with your daddy and brother - you already have such a distinct and special bond with both of them.  

These are precious days, my Baby Girl, precious baby days.  I can't even tell you how much I love you - I love everything about you, and I hope you always remember how precious you are to me.

Love You More Than All The Leaves On The Trees,


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Jessica said...

She is SO beautiful!!

Vanessa Miller said...

Five months already?! I love the picture of her looking up over the couch!

Melanie said...

Love her outfits..babies (and little girls) with those chubby legs in shorts are just to die for!!! Cant believe she's already 5 months..time flies!

A said...

I know this post is about Gwen (and my goodness, I think she just gets more adorable and happier with every passing day), but I cannot get over how Wyatt looks like a little boy and not a toddler any more! I don't know if it's his hair or having little Gwen next to him or what. Time sure does fly :)

Andrea @ The Dawley Fam said...

look at her! Such a pretty little girl! Our girls are only a month apart so I always look forward to Gwen's monthly posts just because I think it's so much fun to see how they change month to month

Lauren said...

she's so beautiful! and her clothes are so her Mother's Day Outfit!

Tiffany said...

she is gorgeous! I love the many faces of Gwen!!!

Julie S. said...

OH adorable! I just love her! :)

Unknown said...

Callie, Gwen is gorgeous! I wanted to give my 2 cents on the sleep thing since Easton was the exact same, sleeping through the night until 3.5 months then waking 3-5 times a night! I couldn't get him back to sleep without nursing and that meant broken sleep for all of us.. For a month and a half! THEN I found the miracle fix, the Sleep Easy Solution. It does require letting her cry a bit but honestly, I thought it would be way more devastating for me than it was. Easton now sleeps in his own crib from 7 to 7 with no crying at all (and 1 feed around 3am that I wake him for). It works for naps too. Honestly I was against letting him cry but nothing else worked and I was setting him up for bad sleep habits by nursing him to sleep all the time. It's seriously amazing and SO worth it to get everyone sleeping well! Let me know if you want to hear about how it works! :)

Kate Craig said...

Her expressions are so cute! Sorry about the sleeping, that's rough :( Kylie had a severe dairy allergy as a newborn and by one years old she could do cheese, yogurt and milk baked into things. But she couldn't do regular milk and ranch gave her a contact rash on her face. The doctor said that was normal to be able to handle cheese and yogurt first.

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