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All relationships change over time, and ours is no exception.

The most obvious has been that our marriage changed a lot after we had kids - now it's not just us, we have two other lives that we are responsible for together.  

On the one hand, it does take a lot of time taking care of two more lives, and so we have less time to just hang out and focus on each other.  We're working on making time for more dates so we can get back to having some time that is just for the two of us.  

But on the other hand I feel like we are more of a team now because of how we work together for the kids, and they glue us together in a completely different way.  They are part of both of us, and together we are the most important people in their world.  That has a way of making you closer.

Our relationship has changed over time in lots of ways, and in general, it's gotten deeper.  We know how we're both committed to each other for life.  With that comes being completely comfortable with each other - we can each show our flaws now.  

Obviously you don't have that in a dating relationship, and even early on in marriage I think you're trying to put your best foot forward, but over time you get to know each other more deeply and you see the ugly parts - but you love each other anyway.  That is true love, and I feel like that is where we are.

I know our relationship is going to continue to change, and I think that it'll just continue on the same trajectory - not that our relationship is perfect by any means.  We have had our share of rough spots, and I know we'll continue to have them throughout our life, but I think over the years our marriage will grow deeper as we go through the bumpy spots together.  

I hope someday we're that cute older couple who share meals at restaurants and still hold hands while we walk.  I think so far we're on the right track.

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(January 2011, when we were expecting Wyatt.)
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Brittney said...

What a darling picture of you two! Loved this post - you are blessed to have such a loving marriage.

A said...

I love finding blogs that share their journey as a devoted married couple. I feel like you share just enough that I can see you and your husband work well as a team, and yes, face struggles like everyone else does. I got married close to 3 years ago, very young, and many people gave me a hard time. Around me, I saw young women marry, and divorce. And I understand that not every relationship can be forever- my mom married two men before her third marriage, to my father, but now they've been married for 27 years! Yet, it upsets me more than I want to say to see people taking marriage so lightly. When people said I was too young to get married, or ask me about divorce, I simply say, "He is my husband. Someday, he will be the father of our children. We are a team. We won't get divorced because divorce has never been and will never be on the table. You don't throw something away if it breaks. You work until you're exhausted, using all resources available to you, to fix it."

Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary said...

I love that photo of you two :) Such a proud papa and a glowing momma. Great post!

Lauren said...

great picture! our relationship after Elyse is definitely different...but better I think, just like we have to practice patience with her we also practice that same patience with each other! And I also love the TEAM aspect we have with each other, makes everyone feel like they're working towards one goal!

Melanie said...

I couldnt agree more! Relationships evolve over time..with prayer and patience..they get better in different ways! I feel the same way about feeling like 'a team' with Damon too..when your responsible for another human being..and are the most important person in the world to makes you see everything in a different light! :-)

Kasey said...

This is so sweet! :) I love hearing about how people have grown in their marriage!

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