Letter To A New Christian Mom

To A New Christian Mom,

Congratulations!  You've just endured multiple hours of extreme pain, exhaustion, and possibly medical intervention, or perhaps months and months of paperwork and waiting, but now you have your prize - you are a mom!

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If you are a normal person, you've probably already had that moment of sheer terror, wondering if you can do this.  Your life has changed in a way that few other things besides a baby can change it, and it's normal to feel scared.

Take a deep breath.  Look at that sweet face while your baby sleeps.  Those microscopic eyelashes.  Those plump cheeks.  Those tiny little rosebud lips.  That is your baby. That is your gift.  Children are a reward and a heritage, and God chose you to be that little reward's caretaker.  He knows what He's doing.  You can do this.

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In the next few days you'll take your baby home, and then your life will start.  It's going to seem overwhelming at first.  And it is overwhelming - you've just added a whole new life to your family!   That's huge.  It's going to take a little while to settle down and get into a routine.  

You'll feel exhausted (a lot) over the next few months.  You'll probably cry (a lot).  You'll agonize over every little thing, jump at every little sound, examine diapers like it's your job (well, it is, actually), worry more than you should, and google ridiculous phrases.  

Welcome to the new mom club.

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When you have a new baby everyone says you should sleep when the baby sleeps.  While that's not bad advice, don't worry about it if you don't want to sleep.  

Personally, I like to read, or watch TV uninterrupted, or take a long bath, or blog when my babies sleep.  Or sometimes I just want to hold them, feel their little chests rise and fall against mine, study that hair swirl or tiny nose again.  

The point is not what you do, it's just to take some time to relax and recharge.  Take some you time.  Whatever that looks like.  But don't do chores (uness that somehow relaxes you).

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When you have a new baby, everyone likes to tell you their opinion on . . . well, everything.  Sometimes this is a good thing when it's a supportive opinion.  Other times it's one little word from some lady you don't even know in the grocery store and you're questioning your mothering skills. 


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Most of those times people are just trying to be helpful, but you should know that you are the person who knows what works best for your baby and your family.  

Nod and smile.  Let them know you appreciate their interest and care for you and your baby. Say the magic words "Oh, I'll have to keep that in mind," if applicable.  Then take the advice you want and forget the rest.  Trust your instincts - you know your baby better than the lady in the grocery store.  

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When you have a new baby, everyone also tells you that it goes by too fast.  You may be tempted gloss over those words, even roll your eyes, because how cliche is that?  

But you know what?  Things are usually cliche for a reason.  And I hate to tell you, but it is true.  

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That little bundle of squishy newborn-ness won't be that way for long.  And while you may be longing for the day when your baby sleeps through the night, when they smile, when they can start solid foods, when they can play, crawl, walk . . . slow down.  Look at that baby.  Memorize every detail, every little murmuring noise, every sweet newborn smell.  

And then the next time a white-haired lady gets misty and tells you to enjoy it because it goes by too fast, you tell her you are soaking in every second - and then make sure you do.  Because one day you'll blink and your baby won't be a baby anymore.  In that moment you don't want to wish that you hadn't wished it away.  You want to know you cherished every second.

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Enjoy your baby.  Pray for your baby (every day).  Pray for God's guidance as you start this new road of motherhood, and for wisdom as you raise that child and teach them about Jesus.  That is your greatest task.  

But for now, when you look into that sweet face, just remember to thank the One who entrusted you with that precious life.  Then soak it up.


Another Not-As-New Christian Mom

(First four pictures are of Wyatt, last four pictures of Gwen, all taken at the hospital when they were brand-new.)

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Emily said...

i love this, callie! it brought tears to my eyes!
have a wonderful weekend!

Bridget said...

Love this Callie! It's beautiful and perfect!

Amanda said...

Love it! So sweet!

SugarFreeAsh said...

I love what you said about taking time to recharge. I've never been much of a napper, and I needed 'me' time, more than I needed a nap. Even when I was exhausted!

Alli said...


Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

My due date is 15 days away... LOVED THIS POST!!! :)

Brittany F said...

I just found your blog through the link-up and this has made me cry (call it the hormones). Thank you for this beautiful post.

Brittany @ Everyday Thoughts

Shae said...

Wonderful post!

Melanie said...

Love this..and its sooo true! The pictures you posted along with this goes great with everything you said..I wish I could have that time back with Makayla..already!

Brittney said...

This made me tear up. Loved every word:)

Bekki said...

This is perfect!! Amen that God chose us to be with a specific child!! Thank you!!

Shann said...

I loved your post. The whole journey from pregnancy to childbirth is one of God's beautiful miracles.

Susannah said...

What a wonderful letter! I'm gonna have to come back and read it when the hubby and I have kids! :-)

Sarah said...

Love it. Thanks for these great reminders I am going to need soon!

Logan Cantrell said...

This definitely made me tear up! Thank you for the advice.

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