My New Clutch!

Do you ever get annoyed carrying around a purse and a diaper bag?  

I know I do.  Some places it's not a big deal, or when Derek is with me he can help me carry the diaper bag, but sometimes you just don't want to carry around more than one bag, you know?  

Usually I end up putting my phone and wallet and whatever else I need in one of the pockets of the diaper bag, and then I promptly forget all about it until I'm searching through my purse later and realize I never took them back out!  I'm also notorious for locking my keys in the car, so switching so much stuff back and forth between my purse and diaper bag is probably not such a great idea . . .

A few weeks ago Chamel contacted me about advertising her shop, Chamel's Creations, on my blog, and I asked her if she'd be willing to send me a product to review - I was delighted when she agreed!

  I've been reading her blog, and I love her mission statement for her company - to share the word of God through incorporating verses into everyday items!  You can read more about her mission statement here.

DSC 3046blog

I was so excited when the package came in the mail!  

DSC 3045blog

Chamel included a sweet note of encouragement to me.

DSC 3047blog

And she sent me on of her gorgeous Sequoia clutches with Psalm 150:6 on the front!

DSC 3049blog

She also threw in this cute clip as well, which was a fun bonus!

I think this clutch could be a great solution to my diaper bag problem!  It is the perfect size for my phone, credit cards, keys, lip gloss . . . all the essentials, and I could put them all in there and easily switch it back and forth from my purse and diaper bag without forgetting one or more items like I tend to do.  I think this will dramatically decrease the likelihood of me forgetting my keys and locking them in my car.  

I love that the Bible verse is so distinct and central to the design - so when I take my phone or keys out it will get people thinking about God's Word!  What a great conversation starter and potential witnessing tool.

Chamel sells these clutches in two different sizes, along with with smaller pouches and mink ribbon blankets in her shop - definitely check it out!   A portion of each Seqoia product sale is also sent to help a sweet little girl with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, which I think is amazing.  You can read more about that on Chamel's blog.

I love Chamel's heart for the Lord, and how she really wants to make a difference with her business, instead of just selling things for profit.  Stop by her blog to say hello if you get a chance!  And thank you so much, Chamel, for giving me the chance to work with you!
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Andrea @ The Dawley Fam said...

oh how adorable, I love it! I just starting throwing my wallet and keys in the diaper bag when I'm out with the kids. However, it has created a problem when I go to work and have my purse and realize my wallet is still in the diaper bag!

Lauren said...

so cute! I normally just end up carrying both...because I've been caught too many times without a wallet or keys because they were left in the diaper bag!

Meghan said...

Very cute!

Melanie said...

I have the same problem! LOVE this clutch and the fact it has bible scripture on it makes it so perfect! Definatley going to check out her site!

Brittney said...

Ah this is SO cute! I remember that problem well, may have to look into these when my little guy arrives.

Rachel said...

This is beautiful - and love the verse!

Unknown said...

Callie, thank you for this amazing review and your kind words! It's such a blessing to use my talents to do God's work! I pray daily that my clutches can be used to encourage, inspire, and empower others! God bless you and all your followers!

Unknown said...

This is so awesome. I love your blog. Chamel is my big sister and I am so proud of her!

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