New Year's Goals (5 Months Late)



A few weeks ago at work I realized that we are doing New Year's goals again this year!  Last year my boss had us write out five goals, and in July she gave us a certain amount of shopping money for each goal we completed, and we all went shopping together!  Fun, right?  I have a cool boss.

I obviously wasn't at work for the first three months this year, so I kind of got a late start.  But I finally realized what was going on and wrote out some goals.  If you remember from last year, I'm not usually one to set New Year's resolutions for myself because I feel like I'm setting myself up for failure . . . so I tried to just be reasonable.  Here is what I came up with.


1.  Read 3+ books every month.  I am doing great on this so far!  I'm in a reading mood lately, and I just want to read more in general this year, so 3 or more books a month is my goal.  At that rate I should at least make the same book total as last year, if not beat it.

2. Eat less sugar.  And ever since I made that goal, I've been failing miserably.  I admit it, I eat too many cookies, and too much fudge, and too many jelly beans.  And I drink too many mochas.  I'm really going to try to do better.

3. Write 1 letter to a friend a month.  I figure one letter a month is doable, right?  Right.  And it's better than I've done in years past.  Maybe if I stick to this one it won't take me 6+ months to respond to people.

4. Take Wyatt swimming a few times this summer.  I want to take advantage of the warm weather, and I'm really hoping Wyatt will like the water this year!  And hopefully being in a swimsuit will also motivate me to do better on Goal #2.

5.  Start planning Gwen's 1st birthday party.  First thing is to decide on a theme.  Any ideas?


And that's it.  Terribly late New Year's goals.  I think I might be able to hit all 5 this time, as long as I can do better at the no sugar thing!  Any suggestions for low-sugar, dairy-free, all-natural snacks to satisfy my sweet tooth?  And that involve chocolate?  Is that too much to ask?  

It probably is, but I'll let you know if I find something.

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Michelle said...

Great goals to have! I like the writing letters goal, I try to do that as well.

Lauren said...

I just realized that in a few weeks Elyse will be closer to 2, than to 1...which means I should really start considering Birthday Party themes as well! How are our babies growing so fast?!

Melanie said...

Birthday party themes already!! Ahh seems like she was just born! But its better to start sooner than later! Go by her personality..what she really likes..then head to pinterest..your bound to find tons of ideas! But a piece of advice (just me here)..try not to do alot of homemade decorations..that is..pick a theme where you wont have to make everything. That was my mistake w/Makaylas 1st birthday. Even though I'm still to this day glad I did the owl theme (there was absolutely NO owl decorations last year..this year of course, its everywhere!) was SO OVERWHELMING! With her party we just had..I did mostly store bought decorations with a little bit of homemade mixed in..SO much better and easier!! :-D

Erica Layne | Let Why Lead said...

Less sugar is so hard for me too! To motivate you to eat fewer sweets AND help you out with number 1, you could look up the books on sugar addiction on amazon. I've always wanted to read one! (Must make it happen!) Anyway, best of luck!

Laura Anne said...

From one sweet toothed chica to another, my friend got me to do a guest post on her blog a while ago on my top tips for eating a bit healthier. One I've not put in, is that rather than cut out chocolate completely (which in past has resulted in a crazy binge!) I've tried to have better quality chocolate so it has more cocoa in it over all the milk and sugar that gets added. My favourite is Green & Blacks which isn't cheap, but because of the expense and the richness I find I eat less of it than I would if I was buying a chocolate bar near the checkout at the supermarket.

Eating whole grains rather than white bread, white rice should also help sugar cravings. I am getting better, and have noticed a massive difference over the last few months as I've been eating healthier again, and I too am trying to find some healthier things to snack on!

Here's my post with my 'top tips' for eating healthier. My friend very helpfully translated some of my English into 'Americaneze' so it can be understood by my lovely American friends!

Theodora Ofosuhima said...

Hello there, just found you through pinterest.

It's better late than never, so I am happy I just found you and reading your new year goals.

Reading three books a months is such a hard work for me, good luck with your goals :)

The Clem Family said...

When I was following strictly following Skinny Rules last fall, I completely cut out sweets. I have no self control with sweets so I can't just keep some around and eat a little each day. To satisfy my sweet tooth I ate a fresh peach with just a little turbinado sugar on top. It really helped me!

Amber said...

Check out! They do "nutritious" desserts. Everything is gluten free and most are dairy free or tell you how to make it dairy free. Pretty darn good too!

Stephanie said...

It's always good to set goals! And great job on keeping up with the read 3 books a month so far...that really is an accomplishment! I keep books on my nightstand and usually read for a half hour or so while feeding my little guy before bed. At least I get some reading done that way!

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