Words To Say




This is a hard question.  I think I need to ask Derek specifically what he would like to hear me say more often, so I can say it.  

I feel like we both do a pretty good job of reassuring each other of how much we love each other, and how proud we are of each other.  I think Derek would like me to notice the things he does to try to help me around the house more.  Sometimes I don't notice the things he does around here because of all the things I have left to do, but he really is good about trying to help me, and I don't think I say thank you enough.

As for me, I'd love to hear the words "No, no, Babe, you sleep, and I'll get up with Gwen every time she wakes up tonight," and/or "Get dressed, I already took care of the kids and we are going out."  This is coming from the sleep-deprived-and-in-much-need-of-a-break me.  It's been a long week!


(Zoo date, Summer 2010.)

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LeAnna said...

I'm right there with ya onremembering to notice the things they do around the house. I tend to not notice them because to me they are every day chores, things I do without thinking almost. And yes, there is always SO MUCH TO DO. I'm trying to get better at it. Even when they just take dirty laundry to the laundry room, they like to hear thank-you for it. I'm sure if we traded places for the day, I'd want to hear "you did good, thanks" for accomplishing the things they do on a daily basis.

Lauren said...

My love language is words of affirmation, but for Nick, his is acts of service...we are both working on saying things related to these love languages more often; but sometimes with the hustle & bustle of life the right words don't always find their way out of our mouths!

Unknown said...

what a great question! Gosh, I should really think about the answers to this myself.

Unknown said...

Aw! Such a good question! I should remember this as well. You really have some neat ideas for blogs!

Rachel said...

I am the same with house jobs - I get so caught up in the things that haven't been done it's easy to forget what has and be thankful for it!
Sorry things are so hectic at the moment. I hope you manage to get some good rest soon :)

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