25-26/52 - Smiles and Fun Day

I need to catch up on posting my weekly pictures of the kids!

25/52 - Smiles

25/52 - Fun Day

We have this fun little kid's center here, with jumpy castles and an art room.  We went there with Derek's family last week, and Gwen was pretty content in her stroller while Wyatt focused on his masterpiece!

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Lauren said...

ummm...seriously, when did Gwen get so big! She's so adorable and I think she & Wyatt look so much alike!

la petite lulu said...

They both just have the best smiles - so infectious, makes me smile too!

Kate Craig said...

wow she is really looking more like Wyatt! I love his concentrating face

Jessica said...

Wyatt looks like he is in such serious concentration! So cute!

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