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So I was browsing Twitter the other day, and I stumbled across a link-up about books! Yes!

I don't think you all realize how much of a bookworm I really am. I love to read. There something very satisfying about turning the last page in a book. I love the smell of books. I love fiction. I love non-fiction. I like mysteries, suspense, romances, historical fiction, science-fiction, parenting books, marriage books, classic books, political books, Christian-living books. I just like books! So much so that I usually buy them faster than I can read them. Hence the ridiculous stack on my nightstand.

My mom instilled this love of reading in me, and I'm hoping to turn my kids into readers too (as much as I can, because I think there's a genetic component). I'm well on my way with Wyatt - I'm always catching him reading something, and when he sees me reading he'll grab one of his picture books and sit on the couch to read with me.

Needless to say, this linkup was right up my alley, so I thought I'd participate this month!


What are you currently reading?

Right now I'm reading Outbound Flight by Timothy Zhan, which is a Star Wars book! You are probably laughing at me, but if you knew how deeply Star Wars runs in the blood on both sides of our family (mainly through my brother and Derek's brother, and my dad who introduced us to Star Wars), you would understand that reading the books is not unusual. This is the second Star Wars book I have read this year, and I have to say they are really interesting books (at least the two I've read), and they are easy to read.

What is your favorite book character, and why?

Anne of Green Gables comes to mind, and Emma from Jane Austen's book. Why? Because they are so not perfect (one of my pet peeves are characters that are too perfect), but they have good hearts, and they learn from their mistakes. I like my book characters to show growth. If they don't grow at all its just boring.

What would the title of your memoir be?

Um...this would be a lot easier if I had some crazy life story, but I don't. Not yet anyway. Um...sheesh, I think I just want to hear all of your answers to this question! Comment below if you have a good one. Maybe it'll give me an idea.

You be the director! Cast your favorite book characters for the movie version that has not yet been made.

So I tried to think of an answer to this question, guys, I really did - but I only know the names of a handful of actors, so I have a very limited mental inventory from which to draw. This is why I am not a movie director!

Plus I'm struggling because most of my favorite books have already been made into movies, and I have a hard time thinking outside the box once a character has already been cast . . . I also form pictures in my head of what I think the characters look like, and unless I see someone who looks exactly like the picture in my head I have a hard time seeing it.

I will say that I think the actors they got to play Bilbo Baggins in LOTR and The Hobbit looked pretty much exactly how I pictured him. But every other book-turned-movie character I've ever seen has taken some mental adjusting. There's a reason I wasn't meant for the movie business.

What book or series do you remember reading in elementary or middle school?

There was this series I read that was called the American Adventures series. It was basically a kid's series about kids who lived in different periods of American history and their stories, but it was generational - so the kids in one book were the parents in the next book. It was really interesting, and I loved those books!

They were $4 each, and every time I came into a little extra money I'd head down to the bookstore and buy the next one. I was determined to buy them all, but about halfway through someone loaned me the rest of the series. I told myself I would still make sure to complete my collection, but I never did. Now I think I need to go back and buy the rest for my kids! It was really an interesting way to learn American history, and I think it'd be a good tool for homeschooling in the future too.

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Melissa said...

I love books too! I remember when i was a nanny for this family years ago, the husband & wife both had books stacked EVERYWHERE, including both nighstands on each side of their bed. i loved it & hoped one day my hubby would be a reader too! Well, i didn't need to worry, he buys books faster than he can read them too (I don't normally - just one at a time - but i have a lot of books anyway!). I am sure our kids will be readers too! :)

Melanie said...

I love to read too I just dont feel like I have the time to read like I would like to! Im soooo loving the booksneeze program you introduced me much so that I think I need to buy a!

Kate Craig said...

maybe your memoirs would be called Through Clouded Glass :)

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