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I hate these kind of questions because they make me narrow my answer down to one trait.  

There are a lot of personality traits of Derek's that I like, but one of the ones that came to mind is that he is so friendly and can carry on a conversation with anybody.  Even if he doesn't have that much in common with them, he can ask good questions about things they are interested in, and he is genuinely interested in talking with them about things that they like.

This was obviously a good thing when we first started dating, because it made it easy to talk on our first few dates - no awkward silences.  And I still appreciate this so much because I sometimes tend to feel awkward and quiet in new group situations, but Derek is great in new groups and so it helps me to feel more comfortable.  It's just one of the areas where he balances me out.


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(Me and Derek when I was pregnant with Gwendolyn.)

P.S. I'm guest posting over at Tiffany's blog today about how being a mom has changed me - go check it out!

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Whitney said...

Read your guest post at Tiffany's blog and thought, "man, she looks so familiar." Then realized I read your little Gwen's birth story and that story really stuck in my head (for obvious reasons!) :) Love your posts on being a Christian mom...will be reading for more!

Brittney said...

What a great trait to have! Sounds similar to my hubby:) I relate to feeling awkward and quiet in new group situations..though you seem very outgoing to me!

Anne said...

Haha...I think this is my favorite personality trait about my Derek! Love it!

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