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Note: I apologize if the FMKC link-ups from the last few weeks are showing up for a second time in anyone's readers, I had to adjust a few things in the past link-up posts.  That sometimes causes them to show up again!

Is it just me, or is almost more fun to dress kids than it is to dress ourselves? It's not just me, right? Sure, it might take a little searching to find kids' clothes that are just right, but when you do they are so cute! I honestly think I could put anything on my kiddos and they'd look pretty much adorable, but I'm a little biased . . .

I'm excited to announce that for the rest of the summer I'll be co-hosting a bi-weekly kids' style link-up with my friend Allison, from Sweatpants and High Heels!

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Allison is an amazing Christian mama, has done work as a model, and has two adorable little girls, and I was honored when she asked if I wanted to co-host a kids' style link-up with her. Here are the details:

1. Every other week we'll have a different outfit/style theme, so just post something related to kids' clothes within the theme. You can post pictures of your kid(s) in a related outfit (we are including all ages from infant to age 12), or post pictures of items you like for kiddos from your favorite stores. Even if you don't have a child just yet, browse through some baby clothes online and join in! Kids' clothes vary just as much as adult clothes do, so I'm excited to see everyone's style.

2. We'll be hosting the link-up bi-weekly, and we will announce the theme ahead of time so you have a week or two to snap some pictures or search out some cute clothes that fit the theme!

3. Please follow Allison and me
, either through GFC, Bloglovin, or on Twitter.

Allison - GFC/Bloglovin/Twitter

Callie - GFC/Bloglovin/Twitter

4. Please link back to either Allison or me in your post, or grab the link-up button for your post or sidebar!

5.  If you want to participate on Twitter or Instagram, just include the hashtag #frommykidscloset

6. Keep post content G-rated. This is a kids' style link-up. We will remove any links that we deem inappropriate. Knowing you all, I doubt this will be a problem, but we have to say it!

I'm excited about this link-up - I'm excited to see everyone's styles and find some new places to shop for my own kids!

The theme for the first week is:


Pick out your favorite summer outfit from your kid's closet and come show it off next week!
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