Proud Of Him





I'm proud of Derek for so many things, but one big thing that makes me proud of him is what a great dad he is!  He loves both of our kids so much, and works so hard to provide for all of us.  

Wyatt just loves hanging out with Derek, and it warms my heart when I see Derek and Wyatt playing with Wyatt's cars (his favorite things right now).  And Derek is so cute with Gwen - you can tell she has him wrapped around her finger!  

He is an amazing dad, and there is nothing like seeing the kids look at him with their bright eyes, like he's their favorite person in the world.  I'm so thankful they have such a great example of a godly man to look up to.

Happy Father's Day weekend, Babe!


(On our honeymoon in Hawaii, long before Derek was a father - but one of the reasons I married him was because I could tell even then what a great dad he would make!)


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Meghan said...

These posts are so sweet. I felt the same exact way about Dustin before we got married. I just KNEW he'd be the most amazing Daddy, and he is! We are so blessed. By the way, Happy Birthday to you! I hope you have the most joyous day today. xo

Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary said...

Aww love this :) One of the reasons why I married Cody was because I knew he'd be a great dad someday too :)

Unknown said...

Just came across your blog and I'm so happy I did! Great post, inspired to do something similar next week :)

Melanie said...

Amazing picture and great post! :-)

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