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 So we finally got our vacation plans finalized, and in early July we are going camping!

I'm honestly pretty nervous - camping with a two year old and 6 month old will probably be an adventure.  Here's the plan so far:

-We are going to be tent camping, which believe it or not, I've never done before.  We always had an RV growing up.  I was slightly worried about how Wyatt would like it, but then I remembered that he loves the play tent that my mom and dad set up for him at their house.  We set up our tent in front of our house so that Wyatt can get used to it before our trip, and he was pretty excited when he saw it.


DSC 4323blog


-We're taking an air mattress and the pack-and-play for Gwen.  I'm not quite sure yet if Wyatt will be sleeping with Derek and me on the air mattress, or if we might bring a little cot for him.  I need to pack everything into the tent and see what looks like the best plan.

-I think Wyatt will *probably* be okay sleeping in the tent since Derek and I will be right there, but I am pretty worried about Gwen.  She hasn't been the best sleeper for the last month anyway, and my biggest worry is that she won't sleep at all in the tent!  I think maybe we need to do a couple nights in the pack-and-play so that she can practice sleeping somewhere other than her crib before we go.

-We are going to try to pack a lot of our food so we don't have to spend so much money buying food on the way.  But we probably won't be able to have a campfire.  It's been pretty dry around these parts this year, and we've had several fires already.


DSC 4339blog

(Wyatt in the tent, though when I took this he was more interested in going back inside for another piece of toast.)


-I told Derek that we must camp somewhere where there is a bathroom and a shower.  I'm not one of these get-really-dirty-and-answer-the-call-of-nature-in-the-woods camping types.

-We will be attempting to pack the tent, cooler, sleeping bags, lawn chairs, pack-and-play, suitcases, and other paraphernalia in our tiny little SUV.  Someone suggested we bring Harvey for protection, and though I know he would be a good guard dog, I'm pretty sure there is no way we can fit him in too.

-I'm thinking through my clothes right now and trying to decide what things I wouldn't mind getting dirty.  I'm also trying to be strategic and bring as few clothes as possible, while still hoping to look cute.  Is that even possible, to look cute (and maybe even a little stylish) while camping?  We shall see.


DSC 4342blog


-I think it was Natalie who suggested packing kid's outfits in zip-lock bags, complete with shirt/pants/socks/shoes so you don't have to go searching through everything while on vacation.  I think this is brilliant.  I am slightly worried about making sure to bring enough clothes for the kids while not over-packing though.  I just never know when one of them is going to make a big mess all over their clothes!  I think we might be camping at a couple KOA's though, and they have washing machines, so I guess that's an option.

Bottom line:  I'm going to be doing a lot of testing things out and preparing over the next couple weeks, but I think it should be a fun trip!

 Have any of you been camping with a baby or toddler?  Any advice for me?

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The Clem Family said...

I have pinned several posts lately with camping tips an camping menus. Might be worth taking a look? I think now is the time for camping....we always have to take a break from camping when our kids start crawling, but aren't walking. I think she will be easier now than if she were mobile. Just a thought! :)

Erica Layne | Let Why Lead said...

Oooh, fun! We took our boys camping when they were right about your kids' ages. It was a lot of work but so much fun! Enjoy!

Hannah said...

I have been camping before but never with a baby and toddler, you are one brave momma! It sounds like you have a really good plan in place though, so I'm sure your camping vacation will go smoothly. I'm anxious to hear how it turns out!

Natalie said...

Sounds super fun!! I've been itching to go camping since we haven't been in a few years, but I'm thinking we'll wait another year until we're out of the baby phase! you are a brave lady!! And yes, Ziploc bag packing is totally the way to go! It was so helpful for me while packing... I'll do it every time until their clothes are too big ;)

LeAnna said...

I've only been RV camping with ours, but we spent all of growing up tent camping. We also did a lot of hiking/swimming/bike riding so we always got dirty. We went with a lot of younger families, and I want to say they just let the kids get dirty to avoid multiple clothing changes every day. Usually us kids were so busy playing it didn't matter. I've decided there is no such thing as vacation with small kids, lol. It's a lot of work, and they don't remember anything, but sometimes Mom and Dad just need to get out of the house. :)

Susannah said...

Good luck! Sounds like fun but also a LOT of work! :-)

Melanie said...

Good luck!! DEFINATELY switch Gwen over to the pack and play about a week beforehand so she can get used to sleeping somewhere different. I did this w/Makayla when she was little (use all their normal blankets/stuffed animals/etc they are used to) and it worked GREAT! Course we weren't camping..but she got used to the idea of sleeping somewhere new and had no problems falling asleep when we were away!

Anonymous said...

My friends went camping with their 4 and 2 year old boys last year, and know other families that have done the camping thing and loved it.

Pack the minimum - trek towels are ace - they dry super quick and they are much less bulky to pack that normal towels.

Melissa said...

I wanna go camping!!!! :)

SugarFreeAsh said...

Packing kids' outfits in zip lock bags is genius. I've got to try that for my little one! Can't wait to hear about your camping adventures!!

Angie said...

We are big time campers and we do it with a 1 year old, 2 year old and Teen. Truly it's not difficult at all. They adjust very well. Hopefully your kiddos will too.

The Ziploc bag idea truly is a huge time saver. I do it myself when we go. It's very hard to keep everything organized and together in a tent. Another thing I do is I have a small bag for myself and one for the kids. I carry these to the shower with me each time that way I'm not trying to dig constantly for their stuff and my stuff when it's time to bath.

As far as food goes, buy you a Coleman Camp Grill. There only about $50.00 and you should be able to cook ALL your food right on it. We just take a few pots and pans and we have things like Chicken Noodle Soup or Raviolli for the kids!!

Where are you all going to (State Wise)? We actually are thinking of camping this year on vacation too. I'm excited about it.

Unknown said...

I think wells are a good idea when camping. It can get very wet around showers/toilets etc and wellies dry up in no time. I am sure you will have the best time!

Bridget said...

Callie you will do great! We took Abbie on her first camping trip when she about 8 weeks old. She's gone on several camping trips since then and each time she does's just mom anxiety that makes us think it will be awful!
My tips:

Pack n play is a definite must.

Pre make your meals before you go. For example we use our dutch oven on the campfire a ton when we go...then you can make lots of one pot meals. We chop up all the stuff for jambalaya for one meal and put it all in the put and its delicious. We also do Pocket of my favorites since joining Dave's family- a hamburger pattie with chopped up potatoes, onions, celery, carrots..whatever veggies you want, all wrapped up into an aluminum foil packet. Email me if you want more info on how to make them. You throw them on the fire and they cook up really well and all the prep can be done at home.

The last trip we took a few weeks ago I took a few toys, a couple of books and abbies doll and stroller so when we took a walk she could walk her doll with us. Not sure what wyatts equivalent to this is but you won't need too much!

It's hard to think of more specific tips but if you have any specific worries feel free to email me. I'd love to help you!


Lauren said...

oh wow good luck girl! We were never a camping family growing up, but I think that travelling with 2 kiddos anywhere would be difficult...but I do love the idea of packing the kids clothes in ziplock bags, I think this is a great suggestion for any trip!

Kathy said...

Last summer we travelled & camped through 7 states in 10 days from Washington to North Dakota with a barely 3 year old and a 9 month old who was up at least every 2 hours in the night. And we had a tiny 3 man tent :) It was a lot of work but we still had fun. We looked at staying at KOAs but for us the State campgrounds ended up being much nicer.

Stay as long as you can in one campsite...moving to a new site almost everyday was so much work. Prep as much food as you can before you go, so pre chop veggies, pre cook meat ,etc. If you cook meat and freeze it, it can act like an ice pack for the first day or two. Bring meals & snacks that are quick and that your kids will be almost guaranteed to eat. Keep food as simple as possible, especially if you're in an area where you have to be bear aware. I second Angie with the camp stove, it's an essential part of our supplies.

The kids will be dirty, when you're outside 24/7 cleanliness might not be a very realistic expectation :). I have definitely made use of campsite laundry facilities, but they are pricey! If you're camping anywhere with a higher elevation bring toques (yes, I'm canadian) and mittens, the nights and mornings will be cold. Tired kids (and adults) who are freezing are VERY cranky! Bring warm pjs for the kids...our kids do not stay in their sleeping bags. Sleeping hasn't been an issue, they're so tired from playing outside all day that they crash at night, but they do like someone to be in the tent with them when they fall asleep.

You'll do great! And there will be lots of memorable moments!!! have fun!

Rae said...

You should be proud of me that I actually got on here to today! I thought your post was funny :) I wish Ben and I could go camping this year, maybe we still can. And I thought the part about Wyatt and the toast was halarious!

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