27-29/52 - Funny, Blondies, Water

27/52 - Funny Faces

DSC 5354editblog

DSC 5350editblog

They crack me up sometimes.

28/52 - Blondies

DSC 5586blog

DSC 5640blog

They both looked so blonde in these pictures!  I think Gwen's hair is getting lighter, and Wyatt's is getting darker.

29/52 - Water Babies

DSC 5648blog

DSC 5692blog

We had a good time swimming with Ashley this past week!  Gwen wasn't a big fan of the water, but Wyatt had fun!
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la petite lulu said...

They are real little blondies! So sweet. I wonder if it'll stay that way or get darker as they get older? Oliver has been white blonde for ages but it's starting to get more mousey coloured now :(

Diana Hill said...

Your kids keep getting cuter and cuter!!! They truly are adorable!

Dove of Snow said...

Adorable! In one word, adorable! Love the pics. Your kids are precious. Glad you realize that! :)

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