A Honeymoon In Hawaii

I was not blogging in the first part of 2008.  I am sad about this now, because I didn't do anything to really record all the fun things we did on our honeymoon to Hawaii!  So I'm going to attempt to record all those fun memories now.

(Well, not all of them, you know.  Ahem.)

Derek saved up enough money to take us on an amazing honeymoon to Hawaii!  I had always wanted to go, so I was so excited, and there wasn't a more perfect time to go than for our honeymoon.  Thank goodness I took pictures or I probably would have forgotten half of it!  Here is a five-year-late honeymoon recap.

Our first picture in Hawaii!  On the beach in front of our resort.

This was a picture of the courtyard of our resort on Kauii.

 The resort gave us a bottle of wine since it was our honeymoon!  We don't drink though, so we left it for housekeeping when we left.

I also distinctly remember there being a dead lizard on the stairs that we took to get from our room to the courtyard, and I think most of the hotel staff avoided those stairs, because the lizard stayed there most of our honeymoon.  It was sad.  We got to see plenty of live lizards though.

I also remember going to Taco Bell to eat the first day we arrived there (yes, they have Taco Bells in Hawaii), and the trash can said "Mahalo", which means thank you!

The view from our balcony. 

The palm trees!  So pretty.

We rented a Jeep Commander for our honeymoon, and it was a really nice car - it was fun to drive around in a nice SUV while we were there.  I kind of want to get one.

Our first day we mainly just spent driving around and exploring the island!  First stop - a coffee plantation.


We took the tour and it was really interesting to see how they grow and harvest the coffee beans.  We also bought a coconut latte, which was really good.  And I bought this pineapple perfume in the gift shop for a souvenir - I still have a little left, and the scent reminds me of Hawaii!

There was this cool tree out front, and there was writing on all the leaves - if you scratch writing into the leaves the letters would eventually hollow out and stay that way, so there were leaves from lots of the visitors there.  Derek scratched our names into one of the leaves!

I'm thinking it was a plumeria tree?  Because I think that's a plumeria flower behind me.  There were flowers everywhere in Hawaii.




An obligatory kissing picture!  We were on our honeymoon, after all.

We found another cute little gift shop where Derek bought me a strand of real pearls for super cheap!  I think they were so inexpensive because the pearls weren't perfectly round, but I didn't care about that - they were pretty!  I wish I could go back and buy more.  They also had this fun surfing thing out front, so we pretended we were surfers.



We drove all over the island, and this was a really pretty view!

 We also went to the National Bottanic Gardens (sheesh, we did a lot that first day), and saw lots of gorgeous flowers and trees.  It was beautiful.

Derek on the shuttle.

The gorgeous view on the way to the gardens.

Lots of vines and old trees everywhere.

Water lilies.

Derek by this cool tree - it drops those vines and they turn into these root-type things.  It was cool-looking.

Derek and me.

In front of a waterfall!

Virgin Pina Coladas on our balcony after four long day!

The next day we went on treetop zip-line adventure!  It was a series of zip lines and bridges in these really big trees that were some kind of pine tree.  It was fun!

Derek and me leaning off the side of one of the bridges.

I was pretending to be scared.

Derek crossing one of the bridges and being silly.

The two of us.


We went out to a nice dinner at the hotel restaurant that night, and I tried mahi maui for the first time - yum!

Our resort was on the wrong side of the island to see a sunset, but Derek somehow convinced me to get out of bed super-early to catch the sunrise instead.  There were these tiny little sand crabs coming in and out of holes all over the beach, so we couldn't sit down, but we stood there and watched the sunrise.  I'm glad I did it, but then we went back to the room and I went back to sleep!





Posts on the rest of our trip to come!
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Emily Powell said...

I don't think I ever did a honey moon post either!

Whitney said...

So pretty! We want to go on a trip for our 5th anniversary next summer & it may just have to be to Hawaii!

Amy said...

So beautiful. We went to Maui, Hawaii for our honeymoon in 2007. It was so beautiful! I just love Hawaii.

Brittney said...

Sounds like an amazing time! Makes me want to go to Hawaii (I might just be the last person in the US who hasn't gone;))

Hopeful One said...

Wow! What a wonderful time!

Unknown said...

I'd love to do Hawaii some day!!! Only thing is different islands have different times of the year to go - confusing!

Melanie said...

Lucky girl you! I'd love to see Hawaii someday myself..looks like you all had fun!

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