From My Kid's Closet #3


The next linkup will be on August 7th and the theme will be . . .

Mom and Me

So get someone else to take a picture of you with your kiddo this time! You can wear outfits that go together or not, up to you, just post a picture with you in it too!

Now it's your turn!  Link up your "Under $25" outfits below!

Here's a quick recap of the rules.

1. Every other week we'll have a different outfit/style theme, so just post something related to kids' clothes within the theme.

2. We'll be hosting the link-up bi-weekly, and we will announce the theme ahead of time so you have a week or two to snap some pictures or search out some cute clothes that fit the theme!

3. Please follow Allison and me
, either through GFC, Bloglovin, or on Twitter.

Allison - GFC/Bloglovin/Twitter

Callie - GFC/Bloglovin/Twitter

4. Please link back to either Allison or me in your post, or grab the link-up button for your post or sidebar!

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Highlight text and press CTRL-C to copy.

5. If you want to participate on Twitter or Instagram, just include the hashtag #frommykidscloset.

6. Keep post content G-rated. This is a kids' style link-up. We will remove any links that we deem inappropriate. Knowing you all, I doubt this will be a problem, but we have to say it!


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