Honeymoon - Beach And Oahu

Since our five-year anniversary trip is next week, I thought it was about time I wrote a post about our honeymoon trip to Kauai!  I wrote about the first few days of our trip last week. Continuing on . . .

The next day we did more exploring - and I'm trying to remember, but I'm pretty sure this was the day we ate breakfast out and I got macadamia nut pancakes.  They have macadamia-nut-everything in Kauii.  They were good!

We decided to drive around the island as far as we could, and we stopped to take some pictures.  This was just a pretty view of some farmland.



We also stopped to look at this lighthouse - it was a gorgeous view!


We stopped to get a smoothie at one of the trucks on the side of the road, and then we came upon this really cool beach.  Basically on one side of the road were these dark caves, and on the other side of the road was the beach and blue, clear water.  So the next several pictures were taken at the same spot.  I wish we could have spent more time there!

In front of the cave.


It was a pretty large/deep cave!  This was from the inside looking out toward the beach.

We were pretending to be scared.  How scary can it look with writing on the wall behind us though, right?


Then we headed down to the beach, and we decided to swim a little bit in the water before we headed back!  It was the bluest clearest water I've ever seen, and even when we went to the Caribbean in 2010, I don't think the water was bluer.


Soaking up some sun.

From the beach, looking back at the road with the caves right on the other side.

On the way back we stopped at a farmer's market and bought a bunch of fruit (we went to Safeway later and bought a knife to cut it up with).  And of course, we had to by a coconut and drink out of it with a straw!  I felt just like I was on Gilligan's Island.  Coconut water doesn't taste nearly as good as it looks though.



The next day we took a small flight to Oauhu so that we could go to the USS Arizona memorial.  It was something I really wanted to do, and I'm glad we had the chance to go - it was a neat experience.
The USS Missouri - this ship is actually a museum now and is very similar to the Arizona, but we didn't have time to take the tour.


Derek and me on the shuttle boat out to see the USS Arizona.  The atmosphere was very solemn and respectful the whole time we were there.

The memorial.

Names of men who died.

Part of the Arizona that was above the water.

They had flowers that you could spread into the water to pay your respects.  It was a cool sight to see.

The flag.

Derek and me in front of the anchor.

Last post about our trip is coming soon!
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Unknown said...

Looks like a fun honeymoon! I loved the picture of the lighthouse! Looked like it was from a magazine. SO pretty!

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